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Initial Feedback - Hard to select small clay brush

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I love that Undo is button mapped. That was one of my biggest gripes on Tiltbrush.

I find that the sensitivity for small clay lines is not granular enough. I have a hard time picking consistently small line at the bottom of the clay scale. If it goes too small it's like "spittle" and it easily goes too high. I wish the selection allowed for more precise selection at the bottom of the scale, perhaps trigger gets less sensitive or left and right move the trigger more slowly.

Having a blast so far. Will keep experimenting.

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Oh, I forgot to mention. As soon as you can import geometry, even if it is roughed up, this will become a major tool for architectural ideation.

Level 4
Can't you do it already using imported shape ? (i didn't try)

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Oh! I just found the section in the FAQ.

I will have to test, especially with the fact that they have to be closed shapes.

Q: Can I import my own OBJ files into Medium to work with?

A: Yes,
you can import OBJs as stamps to use while sculpting. To import an OBJ,
take the OBJ file you’d like to use and navigate to your Medium folder
found in your Documents directory and then to the folder named
“_Import.” Copy your OBJ into the “stamps” folder contained there. In
Medium, open the Main Menu, navigate to the personal tab, and select
Stamps. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see an import button. Select
this, and you can now access your OBJ as a stamp in Medium. Note:
Stamps are intended to be lower resolution tools for building your

Q: Are there limitations to what I can import as a stamp?

A: You
can import any OBJ; however, you should be aware that stamps are at a
lower resolution than the sculpts as they are meant to be used as tools.
In addition, any OBJs intended for import need to be closed or else
they will not behave properly once they are brought into Medium.