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Medium - trouble locating sculpt origin to scale before export

Level 2
made an object in medium and i am trying to export it to home my exports

i tried to follow the sculpt origin / world scale factor pipeline guide , i have loads of different sizes tested , but after each export to home , everytime again the result is always exact the same - really big size - ( 300 cm  compared to person )

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Yeah, I wish there was a few preset's available. It's such a hit and miss at the moment

"Collectible" - something that can fit on a shelf
"Statue" - something around 6-7 feet tall

and a height slider ... it would be easier to work out I want my object to be 6 feet tall and the other dimensions would scale automatically.
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Level 4
@LZoltowski Scale presets and a slider are a fantastic idea!

I noticed that the tooltip just before you finalize export (which confusingly calls the Sculpt Origin the 'Export Origin') shows a way of displaying and entering numerical values on the Sculpt Origin axes, but I have not been able to figure out how to bring them up. The interface in the tooltip seems unlike the actual interface, which only seems to allow for toggling visibility.

Level 7
Hey @Natural_Warp, could you explain how you are changing your size? It would be concerning if Medium wasn't truly respecting how you've changed the sculpt size relative to the origin. Since the scene origin is now a fixed point, you have to scale the layers relative to the origin to determine size - if the layers are much smaller than the origin, it will be a small-sized sculpt; if the layers are much bigger than the origin, it will be a large-sized sculpt. You can unhide the origin visualization from the scene origin's action menu on the tool hand. 

@LZoltowski  and @Sankam, we hear ya! Thanks for the tip about the tooltip too. 

Level 3
How do I scale the object? What is the dimension of the scene origin?

Level 7
Oh! Here's a new tutorial about the scene origin - 

Level 3
Yes indeed! I went and watched the new tutorials, which proved helpful.

One thing that would be nice is of the terminology in the program was consistent. Scene origin is a better term, but when exporting, the old term is used. Export origin I believe. 

Thanks for posting Jessica.

Level 7
Noted @CrimsonCatalyst - thanks for the content strategy help!