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Medium usage and Oculus home assets question

Level 3

Hi there all,

I have a question about using medium and the rights or
restrictions regarding assets. For example, if I created a model and wanted to
create a picture to post to show it off or maybe even sell that picture using
lets say the oculus home as a background or setting for the character to be
placed in, I’m wondering if Oculus would have a problem with that, since I haven’t
created the home itself and just my model ?

Also if I manage to create a decent model worth selling or
printing in bulk, or even putting the file for download . .  I’m wondering if they’d have any issue with
that too, or is the programme just for personal use.

I hope that makes sense, I’ll appreciate any info people can
give me regarding this. I’d rather ask before than getting into trouble for
doing things I shouldn’t.