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New to Medium - tips needed

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Hi folks!

I own a Rift+Touch for a couple days now, I went into medium and just splashed enormous amounts of clay everywere just to was this all about, now, I would like to make something more real.

I have no expertise in any kind of creative software, never learnt any of those, I kinda "kinda" can draw a little, nothing fancy, just I can go a little beyond a stick guy. What I really like to draw is always in black and white (maybe i'm just too bad with colors).

Anyway, I would love to make a Stormtrooper (just the helmet), I know it's not something creative but I think I don't have imagination for that kind of things, or maybe I have'nt explored that side of me? Who knows...

What kind of tips would give me? My start was with a mirror build, but the layer managment is kinda hard to understand for me, at some point one of the layers started to move on its own and made everything super dificult.

Great sculpts here on the forum, I'm atonished at what things I saw here, really really great work!

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I would recommend sculpting something more 'organic' to help learn the tools. Medium isn't the strongest for hard surface modelling (e.g. helmet, weapons, armour etc) Have you gone through all the tutorials inside medium?

Creating things like flowers, tree's etc work really well in medium and it doesn't matter if you make a few mistakes since it's natural and organic so the little mistakes make it feel more life like.

Also using reference images will be a massive help, just find some nice pictures of your subject, let's say you find some interesting looking trees and then just try and copy their shapes and forms 🙂

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As far as the layers, whichever one is highlighted in the menu is the one that's going to move, get painted on, get sculpted, etc.

At first it can help to keep things simple, and just try the different tools and get an idea what they do. 

.  Since you're still at the practice stage, you might want to limit your sculpts to just one or two layers until you get the hang of it.   A one layer sculpt makes certain that you always know which layer you are working on.  Using two layers lets you get the hang of switching back and forth without a bunch of extra distractions.   When working with several layers, naming them can help you remember which one is which, and makes them easier to find on your list, or notice if you have the wrong one active.

If you accidentally move a layer out of position, use the undo feature to put it back.  At first it's a process and you have to think through things, but it becomes pretty automatic once you get the muscle memory, which generally doesn't take a huge amount of time.

If you look through some of the threads where people started them early in their medium use, you can see just how quickly you can improve through practicing.