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Oculus Home questions

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 You can do it now, in Medium .. go to Share ... and select Home .. simple as that
then when you are in home, open the objects menu and it should automatically be in My imported objects

Edit:  Moved here, since its not really relevant to the what are you working on thread.  Mostly looking for input on using oculus home with medium

Alright, spent quite a bit of time on this last night. 
some things, the most important of which is that it is entirely
possible to overload your home to the point where it is essentially
unmaneuverable, which makes removing objects or selecting a different
default home extremely difficult.  Be careful with your scaling,
especially on older models.  Accidentally imported a horse that I
couldn't even see the scale thing on, it was about half the size of the
If an object is complicated (lots of jagged surfaces/etc)
it can take a long time to convert (spent over a half hour on one
decimation attempt)
Materials:  Are there materials home
doesn't process well?  Many of my sculpts have different materials
layers, I'm guessing that it's compressing them into one material (the
first one in the list? -- how's that work)?    Emissive materials seem
to be particularly problematic.    Scene lighting from home seems to
override object lighting as well.
It doesn't have any default room
that looks much like gallery space, maybe after some more objects, but
it isn't really set up for that.  It should have one, as it is pretty
clear I'm going to need a few "homes" and I won't want a lot of pre-fab
clutter coming with them.
It's much easier to duplicate an object inadvertently than to delete one. 
Is there a way to get rid of those glowing targets?  Tried to delete the gun, but it just went into fire mode.  (delete targets directly worked)
there a way to select a default home without loading the first one
automatically?  Right now, it's extremely difficult to work with and you
can't delete/block an object until after it tries and succeeds/fails to
load it.
At any rate, starting to get a sense of scale.   
plan to sort that out tonight and re-upload some sculpts.  Do they
overwrite if they have the same name? or should I give them new names?

Oculus home is pretty cool, but also seems to have quite a few
limitations at this stage?   How many sculpts are you typically able to
get into a home without problems, and at what scale?

Edit 2:  Hmm, can't find my other homes today, where you can visit/select them, what menu are these on?


Level 15
I also from me:

a) Can we please have an option to bake ambient occlusion into the final export to Home, models look so flat otherwise
b) Imported models do not cast shadows onto the ground 😐
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