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Oculus Medium Suggestions

Level 3
TL&DR: Medium is a very nice toy, but it's hard to be productive in it. 

After playing for few hours with it, I have some ideas that might improve this software for professional artists, without ruining accessibility for beginners.

-Almost very tool needs an alt modifier, that will allow user quickly switch to alternate mode. Example - for clay tool, to cut holes you need to open menu, select "Erase", and close menu. Needs to be faster, preferably holding modifier button on left controller (like the one we got for alternate tool). Every sculpting 3d software has this - primary function can be switched instantly to it's opposite.

- We must be able to select same tools for primary and alternate, but they must not share settings. This will be extremely useful in many cases. Like, you can paint using 2 different brushes with different color.

- Desperately need move/pull tool. Smudge doesn't do much. If there's no room on the palette I suggest removing useless swirl.

- Need an option to customize brushes and my palette. Would be great to have my own selection of saved tools with different settings. Time saver.

- Need bigger color swatch accessible from menu. Right now only 3 colors in it.

- Eyedropper tool takes too long to select. It also needs a button modifier for quick operation, like Alt key in Photoshop.

I am a professional 3d artist and I'm looking forward to work in VR. Those are just first steps but I see tons of potential in VR sculpting. 
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Level 4
Matcap Shading support with option to load custom matcaps.  
VR ART Discord Server:
Chat (text and voice) all kinds of art in VR. Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Music, Animation.... Share your sculpts, stamps, references, mesh, videos, tutorials, find someone to join your sculpture session and learn together.  

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Not sure if someone has already suggested it or not but a Zsphere equivalent would make creating organic models a breeze! Maybe Pixologic have that tied up in a patent though?

It would REALLY speed up creating organic models and could see me ditching Zbrush for Medium!

Level 8
@snowdog ditch Zbrush lol ? I do know some of the medium team previously worked on spore creature creator, that app is very powerful for making forms - if something like this happens to Medium it could be as insane as the move tool.

Level 5
"and we’re always listening" - good thing I am not paranoid 😄 anyways feels a little like writing to father Christmas this.... and it is already SO good! But if possible... the possibility to stamp images as a texture on sculpts...or a surface texture tool to make bumps or something with retopologizing….smaller file sizes 🙂 …………………………………………………………………………………………………..substance painter integration!!!!1 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~! okay I am just getting over excited here
Also would it be possible for the studio share option to use the perty voice comms instead of a separate Medium VOIP as the sculpt data tends to lag the VOIP totally out and everything starts to lagg. I think the studio share things deserves some love as it breaks all the time and it is really awesome to sculpt together. Also a way to move closer together as being 10 meters apart.... is it not possible to instead of streaming the entire sculpt to just exchange the position of the voxels and update clientside? BTW I really think the team is awesome and Medium is by far the best thing in VR.

Level 8
@Henri1970  i think a studio sculpt2pass should be considered - in studio share you can pass over a sculpt and it's physically passed to the person in studio share. The lag is really bad from what I experienced hopefully it get some serious attention. Even a 3d / 2d composite of what's happening would be better in the meantime.

paintable pbr materials that get exported as vertex attributes (diffuse, roughness, reflection weight, refraction, refraction weight, ior, opacity etc). Then I can set up a material in Houdini to base it's values on the exported vertex attributes. A bit like substance.

Move shapes.

Alpha inflate/deflate so things like skin detail/scales etc can be done in medium (like in zbrush)

Solo layer (for faster export, and also to make it easier to move things)

Opacity control per layer.

Quick temporary rig joint like in mudbox (selects all connected geometry from the point selected with a controllable falloff at the start) Good for posing fingers and other things which are impossible to move individually if there's a lot of geometry very near.


A new hierarchy importer tool which allows the user to import individual layers or hierarchies from different medium files, fbx and obj files (keeping the hierarchies intact). Create a way to favourite embedded hierarchies for future use without having to search an advance stamp importer for single placement mode only.

Freeze layer. Turns voxels to a low ram visual representation but still includes in the fbx/obj export. This would make it possible to have much larger scenes.

Save stamps at full res, then the user can decipher the resolution needed for the current layer based on the size of the green tool preview. (save a low res version too for the stamp explorer).

Include reference/polymeshes in the exported FBX/OBJ file. An option would need to be provided to either include the full mesh in the exported file, or just dummy objects that store the position/rotation/scale values along with the file location to keep the files light. Then a bit of python could be written to replace the nodes in the 3d app of choice.

Level 8
For solo layer you can hold left trigger and select the layers then hit the eye and that will hide the selected layers, ie shift select. 

I still think masking is difficult with SDF formats - convert layer to move brush may work. You could have an arm and convert that to a move brush or maybe cut shapes may work, just typing and thinking lol ? 

i think the only surface texture option would be a flatten projection stamp or some kind of negative projection stamp system. Same could go for painting - paint stencils

Level 12
When you hide a parent layer, the children are hidden along with it. This is right and proper and probably makes baby Jesus happy but from here it would be handy if we could override and make a child or two visible while leaving the parent layer hidden. This is currently not possible without de-parenting the child layer. Baby Jesus writes your name on another bullet   😞

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P3nT4gR4m said:

When you hide a parent layer, the children are hidden along with it. This is right and proper and probably makes baby Jesus happy but from here it would be handy if we could override and make a child or two visible while leaving the parent layer hidden. This is currently not possible without de-parenting the child layer. Baby Jesus writes your name on another bullet   😞

Along these lines, it would be helpful to know if a selected layer is among the collapsed layers, especially when the parent layer is not selected. This could be done by changing the color, using a symbol besides the checkmark in the box, or a similar method.

When you haven't been careful labeling which layers you work on, or if you accidentally drag an element into a closed folder (often a problem on sculpts with lots of elements), forget to de-select, do several copies, simply want to highlight a specific subfeature, etc...     it can be difficult to identify where it went.   To find it you then have to open up each closed folder, risk accidentally rearranging things, etc.  

In these situations, knowing which groups have an active element in them would be quite helpful.

Level 5
Lots of great feedback on here, lots of great suggestions. I was wondering, does anyone know if medium got a fix for importing our brushes? Last time i tried importing all my 'stamps' i could only do it individually? wth??? i'm hoping this got fixed in a patch or something?