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Post Your First Medium Sculpts!

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I will get this going! 

Just went through the tutorial, the UI is sooo easy to use, picked it up right away. I do have experience with 3D in Maya but still!

Here is my first sculpt, took me about an hour to do 🙂 

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Level 3
Hi everyone Oculus Medium inspired me to start doing some 3d models. I just Love it!
This is my second sculpture in Oculus Medium I wanted to make as fast as possible golem, so I set up timer to 10 minutes and this is what I made! 
My 3d skills started with Oculus Medium, before I just only liked to watch how people sculpt , but never done it before by myself 
ps. (I used gimp to make it brighter to let you see all details)n7f7tnta443k.png

Level 4

Created an alien with some emissive eyes and tested the metallic shader.obgkk7kppuet.png

Level 4
A pumpkin for testing spec.2gkxven9gttr.png

Level 4
Started this Banana from an arched cube used deflate to shape the ends and inflate to fill out the sides.

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Mapes said:

A pumpkin for testing spec.

No image appears - trying to open the image in a new tab, asks for a login 😞

Level 4

AndyW1384 said:

No image appears - trying to open the image in a new tab, asks for a login 😞

Thanks for bringing to my attention updated images from my original captures.

Level 2
Still a work in progress... What does the Share button do?


Level 8
The share button starts the upload process to the Medium web site. You get a page of all your uploads like a gallery.  The share thing automatically opens a browser to the artist page where you set permissions to see and allow download of assets.
There is no button there to see other galleries yet, so it's a work in progress.
Try my page to see if you can see my stuff, cause I don't know if it works for others.
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Level 5
Well, I had my 1st attempt at doing something proper with medium last night after tutorials. Took several hours and has turned out ok I think. Started out with the idea to make a cartoony robot and have ended up with a very toy-ish mecha.




I was a little worried about bumping the resolution too high after reading people's comments about Medium, however When I took the HMD off to post these it turns out I still have 19GB RAM free so I'll have to experiment with much higher resolutions.


Level 9

This took me less than 2 minutes to make:


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