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Post Your First Medium Sculpts!

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I will get this going! 

Just went through the tutorial, the UI is sooo easy to use, picked it up right away. I do have experience with 3D in Maya but still!

Here is my first sculpt, took me about an hour to do 🙂 

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Pretty simplistic compared to what other folks are making, but having zero artistic skills, I'm pretty thrilled. If Medium isn't the killer app for VR, it certainly points the way.


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Volunteer Moderator

Warbloke said:

This took me less than 2 minutes to make:


Yeah, that Import feature is nice and quick, eh?  😉

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Here's a couple more sculpts I did over Xmas. Having some fun with this software.6mc1pwdn2qd7.jpg

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1o2qe9ubt42s.pngFinally got it working, so I made this: 

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nalex66 said:

Warbloke said:

This took me less than 2 minutes to make:


Yeah, that Import feature is nice and quick, eh?  😉

Nah, I literally found a picture of an alien and pasted it over the top of someone's pumpkin or something.

The whole process took only a few moments to make (the picture) heheheh.

Seriously though, I've only just done the tutorial of Medium, and I'm sure it will take a long time before I can make anything that looks even half decent.  Medium does look amazing, and while I doubt I will ever make anything remotely close to the quality of you folks... I thought in the meantime I could pretend, and wind you up at the same time. 😉

... yes, yes.... I am easily amused 😕

"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

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Impressive stuff in this thread there are some real artists in here.

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My GTX970 is going to kill me and even 32 GB RAM is sometimes not enough. But anyway - that's the reason why I LOVE Medium and why VR is awesome:bwt15djhtenz.jpgljtbj3co1w62.jpgcfhlot2kdg8u.jpger860vef4p17.jpgv5gahuilapy8.jpg1v8fvuu1inn1.jpg


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Another cyborg I sculpted in Medium today.
See it in 3D here
See the timelapse of me sculpting her here

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Next update...Animation and bringing these wonders to life?

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Loving all the artwork being done here, I want to get in and complete something but won't get that chance anytime soon as i am having to send in my Rift and all its contents to be replaced. will be awhile before i can do any rifting at all Im a sad panda ...