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Saving over sculpt file?

Is there a way to save over the current (or really any existing) sculpt file?

It feels like there is only a "save as" and not a "save" option. You can quick save but it always creates a new dir/files. You can save as and create a new unique name. But in cases where I just want to save over a sculpt rather than have multiple versions as I save in case of crashes and when I want to come back to a sculpt later it feels like I am forced to save as.

Am I just not seeing the "save" option?


Strange on one system "quick save" works as expected but on my other system it wasn't. Will have to double check this but looks like it's a just a case user error on my side.

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Quick save should just be saving over the existing save file. Please let us know if that's not the case for you!

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Maybe renaming it to just save would make it more clear to users. I mean that is the common convention from big professional tools as well as small common place apps like Notepad a like.