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JNI Dependencies and cross-platform build

Hi all, I'm currently working for a project for which I need to detect whether an Oculus device is plugged or not.I do so using the usb4java library usb4java. org.usb4java usb4java-javax 1.2.0 I want to build my program using Maven and Jenkins, which...


Wanted to share this contest that we're sponsoring with Pinshape and Mold3D! Design your avatar using Medium and enter to win Form 2 3D printer (for bringing your sculpts to life), an Oculus Rift + Touch (great for gifting or for your second set up),...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Medium crashes on import of object

Hello - like many others I'm having issues with Medium crashing when I attempt to 'import object as clay'. Unfortunately all the fixes, replies and work arounds I'm seeing are very old or not applicable.Medium was working fine with very complex meshe...

FoxPants by Honored Guest
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Transparent/glass materials in medium?

There have been so many things I have gone to make that require transparent materials like glass, water, gems, etc. I am just wondering why there is no way to make materials transparent or if that is even a possible update. The metallic and light mat...

eithman by Protege
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Oculus Medium Broken, Crashes When Creating Stamps

This problem has been posted around here quite a bit and i dont see a single solution or discussion of it being fixed. I literally cant use this software without this feature. And why hasnt the software been updated in such a long time? Seems unaccep...

Vord by Explorer
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Are you unable to start Medium? Are you crashing?

We’ve been noticing a rash of “Medium: Failure to Start” reports. After an investigation, we’ve found that sometimes Vulkan, a fairly new graphics API we started using with 2.0, will fail to initialize and cause Medium not to start.Most of the time, ...

Oculus Link + RX Vega M GL --> help please !

I bought a Oculus Quest and an Oculus Link (so to simplifydevelopment with unity as this does not require deployment of the full app). My hardware:Laptop: XPS 15 9575 (processor memory exceed the min requirements stated in Oculus link support page an...

Medium loosing precision with symmetry / mirror

anyone else having this issue know of a fix? working with one object in mirror/symmetry and in about 20-30 mins it starts loosing precision and accuracy and end up with getting parts that may lopsided, i cant seem to find a good fix for this, i just ...

Oculus Venues- How to broadcast a live show

Hello,I would appreciate some information about Oculus Venues partnership. Is there any email contact or form to send to Oculus for broadcast a live event for Venues app? I’m looking for advice on finding how to position the right content on the righ...

XR_GSAT by Honored Guest
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P3nT's sketchbook

Figured I'm hardly qualified for the "First Sculpts" thread any more and, tbh, I kinda like that being for first sculpts so I figured I might as well make my own sketchbook vanity thread like they seem to do everywhere else that 3d modelling and foru...

as4uv65urvj7.jpg o0vb8h3zl0we.jpg uvpzyuic3ltu.jpg oam6w68jl539.jpg
P3nT4gR4m by Consultant
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Can I play Oculus Medium with Valve Index?

Hi. My partner recently bought Valve Index and we've been enjoying it very much. I do art a lot and I am interested in art related games or programs to use with VR. SO.Oculus Medium looks to be a great game and I would really like to play it, but CAN...

Can we get a pinch/crease tool?

Having spent far too much time playing with Medium already there's one tool I keep wishing I had - something to sharpen up edges. It's especially needed after a resolution increase. My workaround is to use hard-edged stamps but it's tough to get the ...

jtelfer by Protege
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NOTE: This Forum is no longer being moderated

Hello everyone! By now you’ve probably already seen the news (Medium has moved to Adobe!). Oculus will be archiving this Forum category, meaning you will still be able to look up old posts/comments, but not able to post in the future. If you have que...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Running medium on Quest via Link - gtx1080

Hi I have a stationary PC with two GTX 1070 cards, and I can run medium very smooth on the Quest using Link.I'm now trying run Medium on my work laptop, using the same setup - Quest and Link. The laptop has a GTX 1080 card and i7-8750h.When I run Med...

Registration Error, Cannot Sculpt at all

I get this little red card above my right wrist that tells me to "Please Remove the asset" and the location of it. Registration error. " #cyan " at the very end of it.I can't create anything, but I can import meshes - can't paint them or sculpt them ...

commercial use of models made in oculus medium

do i own the things i make in oculus medium to use commercially? and if so what if your model uses some of the default stamps included like rocks and some basic shapes? can it still be used commercially even when the model is using some of the commer...

DJ's Sketchbook

https://www.oculus.com/medium/artists/deadlyjoe/I practiced this week by free handing a wolf skull from photo references. It's pretty inaccurate from a scientific point of view, but still looks cool, I guess. Total modeling time was about 2 hours. 

DeadlyJoe by Rising Star
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Studio Share not working

HI all, I am trying to get Studio share working to no avail. Have tried multiple accounts, different machines. Checked its not a firewall issue with other multiplayer experiences, seems fine. Started a party with someone in the lab, no problem. When ...

Creating Stamps Still Broken

Software is still a buggy mess and hasnt been updated since august. It still crashes when trying to import or create a stamp. My last post was completely ignored. Is this software just being abandoned?

Vord by Explorer
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Where the journey goes...

I wonder if this forum is still relevant after the sale of "Medium" to "Adobe"!? Almost no mention, let alone discussion here about this serious circumstance.Is there meanwhile a current, more lively place for discussions?GreetingsTom

Vector Colors in 3ds Max - Does not work?

I'm still unable to import vertex colors in 3ds Max. Has anyone been able to do this yet?Here are the results when I show the vector colors. These are three different strokes of a single color each.Am I doing something wrong? The files was exported a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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