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fbx export objects that are rotated, sometimes

"sometimes", the worse type of bugs.So here is what's happening.I import a reference mesh, zero out the rotation and sculpt over it, then I export. I verify that the centroid is somewhat sane and it's axis alined with the reference, all good.then I i...

Medium 1.3.3 Release Notes

Medium Ver. 1.3.3 Release NotesNew Features:Colorized male and female écorché reference meshes are now included in Reference Mesh LibraryMedium now shares GLTF2.0 to the Facebook Feed and to the sharing site’s model viewer!Meshes will contain metalli...

naycorn by Level 7
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We could use an auto-weld vertice option in export...

Exported models are all cut up in separate meshes, along voxel meshing boundaries I think. Problem is when applying a displacement shader or poly reduction in the game engine the boundaries break up. It would be great that the boundaries are fused so...

First Sculpt

First time using medium on my new VR setup, this is what I did, sorry for the quality I have no idea how to post anything on here

Layers, image center and another anomaly.

Occasionally I will see a relatively trans parent rectangle with three colored lines emanating in all three orientations. I do notice that whenever I move it, the center of a new layer is always centered around that object. Even if the layer is quite...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Medium mixed reality

Hi, I have tried setting the Mixed reality capture to record videos sculpting in Medium but realized that is not possible since the compatibility is missing from the public release yet there is an example on the official guide here using Medium in MR...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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fbx import bug: ignores y-up

building a guide in maya, I place the fbx inside the reference mesh folder and import. The reference is 90 degrees rotated, z up. I think the fbx sdk contains an auto convert axis feature (by now, you'd think) if it exist and works you should use it....

Is there a way to remap the controllers?

I use additive and erase a lot, to sculpt, adding matter then removing it. It would be great to remap a button on the right touch controller as a modifier to remove matter in the clay tool instead of opening the menu and clicking on erase. Is it poss...

Import shadowless photogrammetry models ☀️

Hi !Quick question is there any way to import .fbx .obj file and use it in a shadowless mode ?On Sketchfab you can select this option while uploading the models - it's super useful in working and presenting 3d objects created via photogrammetry.Cheer...

Adventures in Meatspace

This aint really Medium exactly but I figure since Medium is kinda the reason I found myself wrestling with fistfuls of sticky mud last night it would make sense to post about it here. So, yeah, last night I began meatspace sculpting classes. What a ...

Drawing in a specific plane

I want to draw, actually, trace the outline of several contours, lines, objects, that are on a 2-D reference image. I want the drawing to be all on the same plane, not some clay too in front and some clay too behind the refernce image...I'd like the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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[SOLVED] Strange Bug in Medium

Hey, I found an odd bug. When using the move tool on a layer, it affects all layers. You have to make the layer invisible for it not to be affected. A bit annoying when trying to conform something to a layer underneath.

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus Medium - Manual / User Guide

Hi all, This is something a lot of people have requested and we've been pulling together, so here you have it, the Oculus Medium user guide! We'll be keeping this updated with future releases and updates so you'll be able to come back and check it ou...

Performance issues

It started today and get get Medium working well anylonger.I have and 8-core i7 and 64 GB RAM.I was working fine untill today. now everytime i start a new scene and work just for 1-2 minutes it starts lagging so bad its unusable.I check PC performanc...

First attempt in VR sculpting

Hello !I'm a realworld sculptor (tompov.de) and was curious about sculpting in VR.So I bought a HMD and tried some VR sculpting apps. Because of mostly voxelbased I had doubts about the fineness of the works. Nevertheless, I've tried a first VR sculp...

Bingko's Sketchbook

Allo everyone!I'm one month into my VR journey and have been in love with Medium. I don't think I've adopted a program faster than this and it takes me back to a Legolike wonder of building things from my imagination. And more importantly, it makes m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Newbie Needs a Rewind in Tutorials

TLDR: Is there a way to rewind the tutorial when I miss something. Or to fast forward if I come back in after putting it down?I am programmer that has decide I want to try out being more of an artist. VR is what inspired me to do this and Medium is a...

Oculus Medium - Tips & Tricks

Quick Tools:Quick Smooth - Hold down your non-dominant trigger while sculpting and it will switch to the smooth tool.Change Quick Tool - Open the tool selection panel and hold down your non-dominant trigger to select the new tool you would like to re...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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