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What pc component do i need to upgade based on my pc specs?

oculus gives me these specs below and my WORK pc i thought was decent? but medium runs slow as hell, i'm hoping someone can look at my work machine's specs and tell me what i should upgrade that would show the most difference in medium. i'm guessing ...

wisqkbpjafmg.png o1vm86xxcho4.png
Metrons by Expert Protege
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Recovery of lost work (Medium)

Hi I recently experienced a crash, after about 2 hours worth of work on Medium.Is there any way to recover some or all of the last designs? I went to 'Load last' it and took me back to an instance of the last saved, which did not include the 2 hour's...

modus_ops by Honored Guest
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All Audio in Medium has a reverb echo

Are there any known issues with audio on Medium? Every sound I hear has a weird half-second reverb effect on it, making tutorials completely unwatchable.This is only in Medium, all other Oculus apps are fine.My setup if it's of any use:-I'm on Oculus...

Sculpt missing from Library

One of my sculpt files is no longer showing in my library. It shows in the Directory and it has it's files but for some reason it doesn't display in the Library any more. This happened after my system crashed. When I went back in, I selected load las...

Medium, fatal crash at startup

Having read other posts and tried a few things, still no joy. Running on an i7 with a 1080ti, latest drivers, no overclocking software etc. here's the log. 12/20/17 14:42:27 : D:\Oculus Apps\Software\oculus-oculus-medium-retail\bin\OculusMedium.exe s...

Oculus Medium Crashes

Dear All,I have a laptop 7720 Dell Precision with P4000 NVIDIA QUADRO Vready Video (which Oculus told me isn't Oculus Ready, despite of what Nvidia Tells about). 32Gb RAM, i7All my experience is super slow with Rift and touch, ok maybe it is normally...

Yan's sketchbook

Hey guys!Seen all the awesome work around here and I feel like sharing my sculpting efforts I try to link the way I model in Medium like I'm doing plastic model kits, creating little dioramas to tell simple stories haha.Feel free to drop me feedback...

hn93he18tqxl.jpg 20f9brvrstwd.jpg 39yo4oe3irj2.jpg qllojdiw1jud.jpg
yanhaoart by Expert Protege
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Why does my sculpt look all broken up

I am new to Medium and I made my first sculpt today. However, I am rather disappointed and confused. I finished my sculpt and the OBJ looks fine but the Preview is HORRIBLE. It somehow ruined my model. Why is this and is there any way to fix this.? T...

My sculpt wont share for some reason.

Hi I am new to medium and for some reason when I try and share my skulpt with the world it won't let me. It says "decimating Geometry 0 " then the box disappears without gaining any percentage and shortly after I either get an error stating that it c...

can't save photos or videos. always file moving error.

Always this error. german version. Translates as moving xxxxx.png to xxxxxx failed.Thought it might be a permission issue but can't be. maybe its too long? Of course paths can't be changed like in say a program... Any ideas? Search or me couldn't fin...


Loading a previously saved model failed.

WHen loading a model that I worked on renders a strange result. It looks as if it loads double models in strangepositions.The dark grey areas ar not editable and it is not the reference model since that is disabled.


Oculus (unresponsive) in revive

Hi I am using oculus medium with revive and it was working up until today. Now when I open it everything comes up normal but the headset isn't relating to the game on any level. If i move the headset I see it move on my screen but my headset itself i...

ilanvfs by Honored Guest
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Martin's sketchbook

Hi guys, in here I'll be posting my ramblings and sketches. Hopefully you'll enjoy watching my work, and feel free to leave comments and critique.

Martinity by Heroic Explorer
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Positional camera output to monitor?

To prevent mass nausea when attempting to stream Medium on Twitch or Youtube a positional camera output would be nice. I know it exists for recording videos, but a window display to capture in OBS would be amazing. Any plans on this in the future?

"Export failed" error.

I have been using Medium frequently for a few months and I've never gotten this error. This happened with all files I try to export now. I've tried a fresh install and I still have this problem. Anyone have a clue as to what the issue is and how to f...


Fatal Error, Oculus Medium has crashed

Hey ! I just bought The rift + touch this week-end, after having tried them some weeks ago at a demo. During this demo I was amazed by medium and bought the rift in good part for it...Yet it would not start. I have installed my oculus software librar...

temsa by Explorer
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Medium 1.3.1 Patch Release Notes

Medium Ver. 1.3.1 Release NotesBonus FeaturePreserving mesh scale and transform on import is now supported: There is a “Preserve Transform” toggle inside the Reference Mesh menu above “Import Mesh”When not toggled, the references will be placed at a ...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Copy to Clay crash.

Having some issues with Medium crash when importing FBX that are from photogrammetry. Size of FBX is only 9.5mb (500k tris). Computer is Intel i7, GTX970 with win10 and 16gig ram.When importing ref mesh it works fine. But when trying to copy to clay ...