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Get in the ring!

I hereby challenge the Medium community to a fight, no holds barred, to the death! Think of it as a sequel to the relay sculpt only this time we aren't collaborating, we're going toe to toe in what will hopefully escalate into the bloodiest battle th...


Fatal Error KCup has crashed

I'm having a issue with Medium where it crashes on launch with the error Fatal Error Kcup has crashed. Everything else launches fine that I've tried. I've looked through some of the other threads and most of those are crashes on menus, I can't even g...

Medium no longer works. It crashes at startup

I know there are many open forums on this subject but i have yet to get a solution to this problem. I have used Medium only a handful of times but now it won't even start. It crashes immediately. I have attempted different suggestions with no success...

Sypherx by Honored Guest
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Medium workflow suggestions

If i haven't said it enough already, i LOVE MEDIUM!!!I've been using medium a while now and i have some suggestions for the Medium team. 1. Can we PLEASE have a way to alter the shapes of our brushes? Imagine you have a cone shape loaded as your brus...

Metrons by Expert Protege
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"Unable to initialize the Oculus Rift"

As of today I can't run Medium.Every boot gives me an error message: "Unable to initialize the Oculus Rift"The log file says "couldn't initialize libovr" and "couldn't initialize rift".I haven't loaded it in a while, but in case I missed an update, I...

Import / export rotation

Im am trying to use Medium for fixing my Photogrammetry models. The problem is that Medium rotates the model and when exporting to texture model again after it has been fixed, the model is rotate wrongly.

Medium 1.3 Crashes Menu Freeze

Hey Guys Jumped into Medium to check the new stuff - 4th Crash in a row - seems to happen when i press the green button to get to the brush menu. Are you aware of any issues ? @MattHickman

Medium 1.3 Release Notes!!

Oculus Medium: Autumn HarvestNew FeaturesPublish your Medium sculpts from VR to your Facebook feed as dynamic 3D Posts Use the “Share Sculpt” option in the Control Panel to connect your Facebook to your Medium account, and share creations to your new...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Serious issues after last update.

When importing model, Medium crashes with this message.11/02/17 10:34:50 : [GL] OpenGL High Error: 0 -- Unknown internal debug message. The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encounteredan out of memory error. This application mightbehave inconsistently and fa...

Saving over sculpt file?

Is there a way to save over the current (or really any existing) sculpt file?It feels like there is only a "save as" and not a "save" option. You can quick save but it always creates a new dir/files. You can save as and create a new unique name. But ...

t1t4 by Explorer
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Feature request streamlined import/export

I'm currently using Medium for work, the import method as is, it's very convoluted. From a production standpoint, i almost always export something out to my desktop for example and then bring back into modo/zbrush and i'll delete the file later. Havi...

Metrons by Expert Protege
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Facebook spaces update wtf?

Click on "What's new" bullet 2 - *Fixed broken Oculus Medium GLB's (googly eyes)Loaded it up, couldn't find anything Medium related. Am I missing something?

My Oculus Medium feature requests.

Hi. I've been using medium for a couple months, and I've some suggestions.1) "Move Tool" This would also be equivalent to a Z-brush style "Move Brush" or 3DSMAX style "Soft Selection".The purpose of this tool would be a non-destructive way to quickly...

Best instructional YouTube channels

There are a lot of “sketchbooks” here, which may be fine for inspiration, but don’t tell you a lot about creating your own work. So, What are the best YouTube channels for learning Medium? Especially for beginners, since they are in need of the most ...

Resolved! Oculus Medium for Oculus GO or Santa Cruz?

Medium is by far the killer app for VR IMO and I’m curious if we could expect this kind of app in a mobile setting? I don’t have my power computer setup in a while and will most likely rely on Mobile VR for a bit when those two are released.

So, what about hair?

I used this far various in Medium tricks to give my mostly humanoids characters what I would call the illusion of hair. But of course nothing I came up with yet in this regard the otherwise high quality results you can archive in Medium. Hair still l...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Weird graphic issues?

i have this weird graphic issue, anyone else have this kind of problem too? how to fix it?, and yes i use an AMD card, i read medium has some problem, is it better to change to nvidia card?( i do have plan for upgrading)

grad89 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Medium Pumpkin Sculpting Contest!

We are counting down to Halloween! Carve a pumpkin in Medium and enter to win our Pumpkin Sculpting Contest and a chance to win a 3D printed prize from the Oculus Medium team! Rules: (please read the Official Rules, attached)Use the base pumpkin scul...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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October Sculpting Challenge: Halloween!

Hi all,Thought it was a while since we did a challenge so for the month of October let's start getting in the mood for Halloween! Post all your Halloween themed sculpts here, you have until October the 31st! >:)

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can you add 3+ key light photo mode please?

Plese before we talk go to this frame in the timeline and listen what he say at: 1:07:37https://youtu.be/o0rjFkb34yc?t=4057basically he takes 3 or more photos and then blend them in photoshop. I wish to ask you if you can add 3+ key lighting in real ...

Dan1018 by Adventurer
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KevinLongtime’s SketchBook

Hey all! Here is a collection of the things I’ve made in Medium when it was first released. I haven’t used VR in a long while after moving but I plan to add more here as I pick up Medium again in the future. Keep everything in one place

mk2p57o042rw.jpeg lstdk1f5r9lv.jpeg 57tifhjx9w0g.jpeg 3c4lqrguqpe4.jpeg

Feature Request - Rigged Character

Hi there, I'm not if this would even be possible to achieve but I thought I might as well put these out there as a feature request.1.After checking out some of the reference meshes it lead me to thinking wouldn't is be handy to be able to have a pose...