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Looking for Sculpting Friends (Real Time)

Hi All,I've yet to try the networked sculpting and would love to.I'm not great but having fun.Anybody want to collaborate?My user name is R2D2XAdd me or let me know how / when to meet you.I'm around my computer a lot as I'm in art school right now.R2

R2D2X by Explorer
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Help with Medium's default library folder

I post this question in the Oculus Support forum a few days ago but I feel like asking here might be a better option:How do I change the folder location that Medium uses to store my sculpts and stamps? I have an existing folder with all of my current...

Painting & Texture resolution

Hello All,I Love Medium and building in VR : But building characters with any detail is problematic. - I am importing base biped meshes (either @ higher or lower res) & converting to clay - increase the resolution on the layer so I can paint with som...

bentoon by Explorer
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Dash + Medium = no more importing references?

If you don't know what Dash is:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvP_RI_S-bwI think this looks amazing, biggest improvement for the Rift by far! Really looking forward to using this to quickly bring up reference while still in VR without disrupting wor...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Centering an object

This is something I've been trying to figure out for ages, how can you easily perfectly center an object? I've gone through all the official tutorials in the software and it doesn't cover this, there is something about centering (which I found confus...

capwn by Honored Guest
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Gomesh Sketchbook

Done in Oculus Medium. Took a Dragon Head Ref from DeepCore1 on Deviant Art Site. Then took it to Keyshot for Rendering


Teleport , Light source and Clone texture tool

I wonder if there is a way to teleport inside Medium?Also I am editing inside a room that was made with photogrammetry, is there a way to add a light inside a model so that I can see proberly.Also it would be great to be able not only to paint on sur...

Medium Frequently Asked Questions

Hi all, we've compiled a few frequently asked questions for recent and new users. We'll keep this updated as we continue to grow and support Medium! Q: I tried to queue some assets for download from the Oculus.com/Medium sharing site but now Medium c...

Oculus Medium 1.2 Update and Release Notes!

Welcome to the “Summer ofMove” Oculus Medium update!You’ve asked and we’ve listened! This release brings the most requested featurefrom professional artists: the Move tool, which gives you the ability toreproportion and repose your sculpt. Studio Sha...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Danilo's Sketchbook

Starting a sketchbook here... Made this model for animation... Not finished yet. I'll post the animation here when it's done...

danilo by Protege
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UV mapping - please help an idiot

I've been enjoying Medium, and have gotten to the stage where I'd like to export meshes, texture them properly, and do some little renders in Marmoset Toolbag. However, I seem to be falling at the first hurdle - UV Mapping.For example, I created a hu...

Importing OBJ's

Hello all! I am really getting into Medium and really enjoy the kit bashing concept, but feel limited by the stamps available. I know the stamps need to be low res, and 128 x 128, but every kit I find for download won't import into Medium. Does anybo...

Greythos by Honored Guest
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Export with Vertex Colors and Layers

Hey There,I'm trying to get my models into Blender, which I have done so far. But I did not found a way where the model keeps it layers AND vertex colors. If i you a .obj the layers are there, but the format does not support the colors. If I convert ...

blumm by Protege
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Importing meshes question

Naturally the first thing I attempted to do was export a medium file and re-import it as a mesh. (also seemed like it might have potentials as a tool for moving layers from one sculpt to another), although in this case, I attempted a full multi-layer...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Echoing desktop audio?

Does anyone else get their desktop audio playing a moment later on their Rift headset speakers when they're in Medium? This is the only program I've ever heard this happening in, and I can't figure out why it does…


So as I mentioned, I'm going to be learning to sculpt in meatspace for the next few months. In preparation for this I've been watching all manner of youtube vides of people sculpting clay and cast moulding and even sculpting stone and marble and shit...

Resolution Level Indicator and Pinch Brush

I would love to see a number on the layer that says what resolution I am at. It would also help me not max out my system by knowing.And can you lower the resolution back down?? I cant seem to find it in the docs.Lastly, This program Screams for a pin...

New to Medium - tips needed

Hi folks!I own a Rift+Touch for a couple days now, I went into medium and just splashed enormous amounts of clay everywere just to was this all about, now, I would like to make something more real.I have no expertise in any kind of creative software,...

mrs1986 by Honored Guest
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Studio Share questions

I just started playing with the studio share option. It was quite difficult to find and I thought i would make this post for anyone searching. It is accessed by pulling down on the thumbstick on your left hand(Support hand). It is below the layers me...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Creative Block

Hey guys,Some of you may of noticed I've disappeared a bit, I've been really busy at work and been doing some travelling but this has left me feeling uninspired and lethargic, I'm was even avoiding coming on to the forums to help ignore it. I've rele...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to get a custom 3D avatar?

how do I customize my 3D avatar inside Medium? Like this one? Is it possible to use my own model?(Image taken from the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/scoutwindsor )

danilo by Protege
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More RAM - 16gb to 32gb

Will an upgrade from 16gb to 32gb on my system improve the overall performance on Medium? Or it's just the GPU ram that counts?

danilo by Protege
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