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#Xanadu Import reference error

I am trying to import architectural models into my model, to do architectural modelling in VR. I was able to import my modela t a tiny scale before, but I don't remember all my old settings.What are the recommended setting to export OBJ and FBX from ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Processor bottleneck

So I have 32 gigs of ram and a GTX 1080 tooling away under the hood but lately my core-i5 is proving to be the weak link in the chain. Once I'm north of around 20 gigs of sdf data I get an attack of the laggychops and a perfmon quickly shows that my ...

Quick Valley

Hey guys, so here is my first sculpt. Oh my god i love Medium "https://vimeo.com/230997530"

Skib1 by Level 2
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Crashing ... Preformance limit?

I've been experienceing some issues trying to merge layers, Medium thinks a while then crashes. I am thinking it's a performance issue since Some of the layers are small with higher resolution. It's also happened when kicking up the resolution on rat...

MrOtsKrads Sketchbook

Hi all, was recently looking for some detailed information about workflow and thought Id post where Im at so far. Getting references in from the large update was game changing for me. Im still trying to get to "Sculpting" objects outside rock/water e...

MadamLucks sketchbook

figured I'd start my own post for my artwork so I'm not posting multiple posts.i think I do best with cartoons using medium. Out of all the things Ive drawn here lately Im most proud of this cartoon woman that I did today. I also found this style les...

How Do I Export The 3D Video Recording?

Hi, I want to export the 3D video recording of my "performance" from Medium to use in Unity or another program. Is this possible? Just to clarify, not the .obj file, but the 3D video recording of me working in Medium? Thanks!Adam

How to: 3 Point Lighting straight out of Medium

In photo mode pull up the camera settings and set "Attach" to off. Line up the framing and fov you want then jump into scene editor and place your key light. Go back into camera mode and take the photo. Very important - do not touch anything apart fr...

Stamp alignment is borked!

Since the last update I got a problem when I'm using stamps aligned to surface. When I'm moving the stamp about on the surface the red or green ghost is aligned correctly but as soon as I press the trigger it flips the stamp 90 degrees orthogonal to ...

Literal mirrors?

This post isn't about the 'mirror plane' symmetry tool, but rather, actual (virtual) mirrors, the kind you look into.I often find myself wishing I could see how an adjustment I'm making affects both sides of the model at once.... Would it be possible...

Analog brush size adjustment?

I'll preface this by saying that I'm using prerelease Touch hardware (CO7L), so this might be something that affects me but not users with the final hardware....But, would it be possible to have the speed that the joystick changes the brush size at, ...

Tiny but annoying little niggle with the interface

Pull down on control hand stick, select "scene" or "layer" or whatever from the tab panel at the bottom. So far so good but, if you click the same one twice it cancels the whole menu and goes back to sculpt mode. Annoying as hell cos I very often pul...

Problem with oculus rift cv1

Hi guys I ask you because I'm sure you are much more experienced than me. I have just taken this fantastic device, I did my calibration and I came into the beautiful virtual world but I have a problem. When I'm in the room I always see it not aligned...

move layer

HI, is there a way to move the layer up or down in medium for organization sake. Even better, is there a way to group layers into a folder like photoshop?

Suggestion for 'Cut' tool: leave overlap?

Whenever I use the Cut tool to split a shape onto two layers, and then merge those layers back together after working on them, there's always a subtle seam where I had cut them, that I have to buff out with the Smooth tool.However, there's a workarou...

No Trigger Sensitivity after Single Stamp Mode

When i toggle and use "single" mode for a stamp, the trigger sensitivity does not come back after toggling it back off. I can still sculpt, but have no size range like before using single mode.... Is it just me? Or a known bug?Does anyone know of a w...

Feature request: Working in real scale

I think it would be useful to be able to reset position and scale to the real-world size.For example, I have imported a car exterior that I modeled in 3ds max as a reference mesh and I am sculpting the interior. Right now I have to constantly resize ...

milos by Level 3
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Feature requests / ideas.

Hey guys, been playing around with Medium for a little while now, and I think there's a couple things that could help get better quality results from this already great tool. I've been watching your artist spotlight on Thom McKay Price, and saw you w...

djcynex by Level 3
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Tool sounds jump to wrong speaker

Getting pretty annoying. When using a tool, the sound will randomly move to the opposite speaker. Pretty annoying  .... The location of the touch controllers seem to have no relation to when it jumps. Haven't noticed any audio issues elsewhere. Havi...

Cool new trick I found

So I think since a recent update it's possible to edit materials out of layer select mode so you can see the surface you're working on, minus the green and yellow - current layer - highlighting that's been driving me mental for the longest time. Foun...

#celeste error?

Hi there! So this is my first post on the forum, and I do kind of hate that it's a complaint as I do truly love this software!I think the customer assistance team has responded to a friend of mine regarding this topic already, but twice now Medium ha...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Suggestion: Stamp to Layer Button

Suggestion: Stamp to Layer ButtonI would like a button that allows you to select a single stamp, creates a new layer, and adds that stamp to that layer at the layer origin. This would allow you to precisely place something at the layer pivot, and the...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Resolution / Poly Count

When I’m modeling in Medium, it seems to be a really low poly count. Small details seem faceted. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere? Thanks.

WTB: Video Tutorial... Offering $100AU

Howdy Folks..Anybody interested in doing a lil freelance work? I've been hoping to get a character I've created out of Medium into a Unity game for a month or so now and the only tutorial video I've found is 1. Outdated and 2. Extremely difficult to ...