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Any plans to allow bigger geometry import (not Stamps)

I work in architecture and I was able to import a large brush of my 3D model. Are there any plans to allows bigger geometry imports (or bigger brush sizes?) anytime soon? The ability to import a 3d model, make modifications and expert it has huge imp...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Radial Symmetry

Since I have been unable to locate any suggestions or roadmaps regarding radial symmetry I figured I would throw it out there.The lathe tool is awesome for round objects, but it is not ideal for accomplishing something like the exhaust of a jet engin...

Nekativ by Level 2
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Good day.Asus ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-8G-GAMING or Asus TUF-RTX2060-O6G-GAMING graphic card for Oculus Medium ?

Sciens by Level 2
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Medium sometimes crashes when I use the grab tool

While I use the grab tool, if I release my finger from the trigger of my controller but the app is "still grabbing" then it will crash seconds after the initial trigger release.Does anyone else have this problem? I've lost hours of progress thanks to...

gragax by Level 2
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Imported obj is messed up....

I'm trying to use a custom obj file as a stamp. I select import, and the stamp shows up just fine ghosted at the tool - but when I draw it is really messed up. I have tried to import the same obj to blender, and it works just fine - first image.The o...

3D 360 not recognised in Oculus Media Studio

I am trying to upload a 3D 360 video story but Oculus Media Studio will not recognize it as top/bottom. It sees it as mono. I have tried several times. The story is a news story about displaced people in Bangkok's Khlong Toei Slum.Two questions. What...

3dguy by Level 3
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obj vs fbx scale and orientation

it is necessary to fix the discrepancy in orientation and scale between obj and fbxwhen imported inside substance painter, an fbx and an obj from medium don't match resulting in wrong baking

Zhang Xiao's Works Show and Suggestions

I have been using this software for hundreds of hours. Generally speaking, the software is awesome! For artists with only basic knowledge of painting, this is undoubtedly the best method and solution to learn 3D. Forgot to say, I am Zhang Xiao from C...

Save/load problems Medium files on Rift.

Hey, ya'll! Just started exploring Medium on the Oculus Rift. Since a little while i'm not able to open or save any artwork. Not able to 'push enter' on the designated button in the menu neither is it possible to alter the name. Tried a re-install an...

Kouchco by Level 2
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Optimal hardware for Oculus Medium

So a bit of background.I recently got a Rift-S and am using it with a Razer Blade 15 Base Model 2018. This works great for gaming. Well at least the games that I've played with it until now.But when working in Medium it seems to be lagging when my to...

Holm76 by Level 2
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medium with quest link -fantastic& a couple of questions

Great to have a nice mobile setup using medium on a quest via the link & laptop- works great- would medium benefit from an rtx graphics card over an gtx 1070 ?- any plans for more sculpting tools /brushes - particularly liking some of the new ones in...

finkbom by Level 3
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Oculus Medium Releases & Updates

Welcome to Oculus Medium! Medium uses Touch controllers to let you sculpt, model, paint, and play in virtual reality.Please post all questions and feedback to this forum. You can share your sculpts with us! Find the Medium team @OculusMedium on Faceb...

naycorn by Level 7
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Problem : Medium folder missing, cannot create stamps

Hello, I am reporting an error with medium :smile: The medium folder is missing IN APP and i cannot create stamps because I have a path error. On windows, the folder is there and all the files are there including sculpts, stamps, etc. But when i am i...

Oculus Medium Import Fail

Hello Guys,I have an .STL-File from SolidEdge which i would like to look at in the VR-Realm. So I converted these File into an OBJ-File. Then I put this File in the Folder for Medium Import. (....\_impor\stamps). But in Oculus Medium I've got everyti...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Medium Suggestions

TL&DR: Medium is a very nice toy, but it's hard to be productive in it. After playing for few hours with it, I have some ideas that might improve this software for professional artists, without ruining accessibility for beginners.-Almost very tool ne...

Import multiple stamps at once

Is there a way to import multiple stamps at once? In the previous version, you could drop all your meshes in the _import folder and they would import all at the same time. But since the 2.0 update I have to manually import each one to a collection. T...

Add mesh as clay crash

Whenever I select add mesh as clay my Medium now crashes while trying to open the menu for me to select which mesh and quits to dash Anyone know how to fix? Thanks!

Sellith by Level 2
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