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MOVE TOOL!!!!!!!

WHAT!!??https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3q_1Zoivms&feature=youtu.beAlso, CO-OP!!??

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Loving Medium,But a few questions and suggestions

First off, I am adoring Medium, As a professional artist it brings a whole new point of view for concept art and sculpting.Looking forward to seeing more. I have a few suggestions and ideas,Some simple and some complex, All from the point of view of ...

Why does stamp import hate me so?

I'm trying to import a custom stamp from blender. I want to use it as with surface constrain so it has to be the right way up. As far as I can work out Medium is arbitrarily assigning orientation based on the orientation I don't want. I've tried rota...

nalex66's sketchbook

Okay, so I figured I'd do as a few others have done and set up my own thread to show off some of my stuff instead of continuing in the "First sculpt" thread.Here's my Medium gallery link. I'll try to update it soon with all my sculpts now that they'v...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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More Medium tutorials?

Is there a way to access more tutorials besides what comes up in the UI when you first install Medium?I see there are recording options in the app for creating tutorials, so it seems like there must be a mechanism for sharing them.I've been getting a...

POD RACER CHALLENGE - Sunday the 2nd of JULY

Yea you know it  No limits - make it quick or take your time - Park it or race it ! Updated note - I was thinking not to lock it into STAR WARS - maybe cross it over with MADMAX as well.. its up to you lolHAHAHA MADNESS !! some really great referenc...

Export orientation

Hey, I have tried exporting my models that have been created with symmetry. When I import them into blender or ZBrush the orientation of the models is always incorrect and ruins the process by offsetting the symmetry. I have tried hitting center in m...

adroz by Level 4
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medium keeps crashing

I'm some what new to trying to figure out how to solve issues like this. if some one could guide towards what solutions I could try to solve this issue would be a blessing.

Questions many Questions :)

Uploads Sculpt > How can I see how long this will take ? Where is Uploads ? Share to medium Gallery > Why is my model facing backwards ?Medium Home file location > How can I move my medium documents folder to another Drive - Its filling up my SSD ? a...

P3nT4gR4m's stamp sharing thread

So Lately I've been exploring custom stamps constrained to surface and, after some trial and error, I've built up a small collection of pretty useful stamps.For demonstration purposes I've done a tile for each stamp, consisting of 4 single and double...

Medium Keeps On Crashing When I Try And Launch It!

This is driving me mental. Whenever I try and start Medium I get an error message telling me that Medium has crashed.I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Oculus Home and still no dice.Anyone got any...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Feature suggestion - Preview mode for Clay tool

I find that precisely positioning a part is very difficult, especially in single mode and when trying to remove clay. For example making a hole right in the middle of another piece is super hard and requires an insane amount of tryouts and canceling ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Move brush

I have spent 6 hours the last 2 days in Medium, and I like it a lot as it already makes the sculpting much more natural, but I miss the "Move brush" from ZBrush a lot. I am professional digital sculptorhttp://milosparipovic.com/#/sculptureand move br...

milos by Level 3
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Export Fail - #brown

Sculpt is very hires and very scribbled on. Lots of little glitchy looking bits when you zoom in on the surface. Tried exporting 50k, 100k and 1.2million. No luck. Same deal every time - decimates fine then drops dead about a thrid of the way through...

harryhirsch's sketchbook & wip

Hi!I'm new to medium and already quite fascinated. It's like in my childhood when I used to build those plastic models, but now I can do it with 100% creative freedom and much faster! I will try to keep this thread up to date.Cheers

1.1.2 Release Notes!

Hey all, V1.1.2 is live now.Just a small update this time to fix some little bugs that have been... well bugging you all. Medium App Bug fixes:Fixes to the #Xanadu error frequently encountered importing OBJs.Meshes with quads can be successfully impo...

1.1.1 Release Notes!

1.1.1 Release NotesSummary:Oculus.com/Medium improvements:Our website has a sleek new look and now showcases downloadable Sculpts and Recordings from Medium Artists! Video uploading/processing is much faster and much longer videos (45 min!) can now b...

naycorn by Level 7
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Medium crashing :(

I was able to run Medium one time for 2hrs + . Now everytime I try it just hangs. I'm running windows 7. 4.8ghz cpu, 980ti, 32gb ram, ssd. . . . my specs are good. Any suggestions? This program looks awesome.

WyoRip by Level 2
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Color picker

Would it be very useful to implement an improved color picker, with the actual one is very difficult to choose some color especially canary yellow

pintico by Level 2
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CAD in Virtual Reality

Hello Guys,I'm searching a programm for the oculus rift which I can use to create sculpts like in medium but scale them into right size like a CAD-Program. For example I want to build a cube like in medium but with the lenght 10 mm. this is because i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Watching other gallerys

is there an easier way to watch other artists gallerys than copying names from the forums and paste it in https://www.oculus.com/medium/artists/name ?? Why is there no general site to browse the gallerys ... sure there are some artists featured on th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Medium Modelling

Hello Guys,is there a possibilty in oculus medium to create a exactly model built with 3 cubes for example which fits perfect together (edge on edge, area on area)? Because i want to build some components for my 3D printer which had to be acurate str...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Medium Sculpting Relay - Signup here!

So the idea is pretty simple - we do a sculpting round robin where someone sculpts something and then passes the sculpt over to the next person who adds something of their own and passes it on.Reply below with along with how much RAM is in your rig a...