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Found bugs in new update

Hi, I just realized that renaming a layer will re-enable all disabled (invisible) reference images. Speaking of the new combined layer / reference images / scene menu, it would vastly improve my workflow if we could switch between those three with th...

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Exporting with textures bug (Large Update)

My sculpts have exported correctly with textures but one model is triggering some sort of bug. I get this error message when I try to export it with textures (both png and targa):Export failed for "", failed to generate uv mapping for layer "" in mes...

ag858 by Level 3
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About that export function...

On one hand, I am incredible thankful about the new additions that the Medium team implemented, this truly was a giant step in the right direction. On the other hand though I am a bit disappointed about the export functionality.Half the time when I e...

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Reference images aren't saved with the sculpt?

When I load a sculpt-in-progress, the custom reference image I was using disappears. I place a new one, sculpt a bit, save, then come back the next day and the sculpt progress is preserved but the reference image is gone again.Is this normal behavior...

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Monstaah's Sketch Book

Want to give a BIG Thanks to the Medium Team!!.. honestly if this was all i used VR for it'd be enough..Was up all night knocking this guy out, he's still a wip but i'm over the moon at being able to pull this off  chances are he wont get finished t...

Chimp... first sculpt since the update!

Rotating Gif link: https://gfycat.com/FrayedOldfashionedBarnswallow Having reference images was invaluable, and so was the video export! I only discovered after making the sculpt that a "chimp skull" stamp was now available... that would have helped ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Space Miner rendered with Octane!

Checkout this Space Miner bust I created in Medium! I exported it and rendered it inside of Octane with some simple materials. Really digging how cool it is to sculpt in VR. Maybe I'll try to sculpt this guy out into a full character.Let me know what...

D3AD1TE by Level 2
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I can't upload anything

Tried yesterday for the first time to upload one of my sculpts using the build in share function but after the processing of the scene the upload itself always fails with a message to try it again later #Cora. I tried multiple times and even disabled...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Stamp Specifications

I'm brand new to Medium -- as in I used it for the first time yesterday -- and I love it. As soon as I realized I could use my kit-bash stuff in it via stamps I was super excited to try it. However, I have a huge problem: All of my kits seem too high...

New fast as hell lighting trick for Medium screenies

So the three point lighting trick sucks. All that - in and out of medium - being ever so careful not to move anything and renaming files with touch controllers dangling off your wrists, it's a pita, right?I've been mucking around with photoshop looki...

Modelmaking Toys with Medium

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwJdYxRwxooJust saw this video from Tested, I thought a lot of people here would enjoy watching this.The idea of 'kit bashing' I find really interesting, made me think we could start creating our own kits to share with...

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Medium --> Zbrush --> 3D print workflow

Hi all, I'm a huge fan of Medium and a long time user of Zbrush. I've done a quick write up on my workflow to prep a Medium sculpt for 3D printing, using some of Zbrush's tools and plugins (Trim Rectangle, Decimation Master, etc.) Thought it might be...

How much RAM do you wish you had?

Of course, more RAM is always better, and it's easy to say, "as much as possible," but within reason, (and within the limits of your current or next PC) how much are RAM do you wish you had? (for both Medium and regular VR)? What is the maximum capac...

ozelon sketckbook

Hi guys, I’m slowly learning medium. Had it for a week butdidn’t get a long enough stretch of time to complete anything. Here are my firsttest sculpts. Upload unfortunately won’t work as I’m not in the US.As a long term zbrush user I have to say that...

ozelon by Level 4
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Resolved! Will Oculus Medium remain free?

Hoping for an answer from staff regarding this question.. so i purchased my rift within about 60 seconds of hearing about the price drop, i was extremely enthusiastic and didn't hesitate knowing that Medium would be bundled into the deal with Touch. ...

My first mech In medium

Hi Guys and Gals, Im new to posting on here so I figured Why not post my first explorations into vr sculpting. Here's a mech design I made in medium over the weekend and rendered in keyshot No touch ups have been made the medium export. Hope you guys...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Artist Spotlight! Thursday March 9th, 1-2pm PST

We're honored to host Giovanni Nakpil for our monthly Artist Spotlight next Thursday, March 9th, 1-2pm PST. Join us! We'll be giving away a 3D print at the end of the live stream. Tune in to learn tips and tricks from the talented Giovanni!

naycorn by Level 7
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Any recommendations on rendering software?

I'm gettting great results with Medium but I'm at the point where I'd like to start getting some high quality final renders for print or other usage (where merely taking a pic with the internal camera does not deliver). What is everyone using for the...

Axis constraint

The main problem I faced when drawing or sculpting in vr, was to be sure that all the vertical lines where all really parallel lines. Most of the time I draw thinking that my drawing is fine, when I make a render in another software, I realize that n...

Medium and a few other Apps won't start

I've combed through the forums for a solution for this and I see it being talked about but I don't see any solutions being offered. Can you guys tell me what I can do to get these apps to launch? I just bought my Oculus gear last night. My system tes...