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change shape axis ?

Is there a way to rotate a shape when using the clay tool ?It's an issue when i want to apply a shape using the surface constraint but the shape is on the wrong axis.

ker2x by Level 4
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Auto create new layers?

I was starting to create my first sculpt out of the tutorials and I realized a feature that would be tremendously helpful. When I lay down shapes, it would be great if the software placed each shape on a new layer automatically. When I lay down a sha...


How do you get the mirroring grid or plane or axis or whatever you call it to show up when you want to use the mirroring feature? I want to try to draw a cartoon car and I think this would be useful. It was demonstrated in the cat tutorial, but they ...

3-D globe shape in layers

When you go into layers mode there is this 3-D globe shape with the poles and the equator lines and whatnot in the middle of your view. What is this for? It is not explained in the tutorials.

Controllers are Blurry

The menus on the controllers seem much blurrier than they ought to be. I do notice that if I close one eye it seems to help a bit. Also not sure if it matters but I am a little bit farsighted (I don't seem to focus well with both eyes open closer tha...

irocziv by Level 2
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oculus medium crashes after a while if you dont save

I was using oculus medium for the first time and silly me for got to save any ways if you go for to long with out seeing oculus medium will crash on me no real error Ext that it says oculus medium has crashed it has happend a couple times now any bod...

Medium Crashes

Medium loads up fine. There's weird video noise. The screen locks up. My PC tells me that medium stopped working. No info other than that.

Couple questions about medium tutorial

After running through the tree tutorial I thought I would do it again on my own to reinforce what I learned. The roadblock I ran into was using the inflate tool to "fatten up" the trunk of the tree. When I tried it, it made the trunk skinnier rather ...

Noob usage questions

There is something missing I haven't understood.E.g. when using the cut tool, and cutting off a slice from the initial sphere, it is not cut off. It just remains there. If I start painting, I can paint the rest of the sphere, but not the part that wa...

Can you guys fix the facebook share?, please!

I want to share this on facebook:https://www.oculus.com/medium/photos/1324712684218233/but there is no preview, it seems like the website for photos is not ready for sharing, take a look devs:https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/?q=h...

k014 by Level 3
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Import a reference image?

For those of us not artists or people with total recall, is there an ability to import a photo for reference while modeling? Thanks.

IsItVR by Level 3
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No girls allowed - (warning - pic heavy)

Half tutorial, half making of, half woeful tale of the state of my mind...So I jump into a blank Construct and it's blue from the night before. "No girls allowed" pops into my head. Cos blue, right? On account of gender stereotyping I was exposed to ...

Zoom/scale upping resolution - How to control?

So I've noticed when I shrink and expand the mesh and I'm sculpting it seems to surreptitiously increase the poly/voxel (whatever) resolution until, all of a sudden my model is pretty hi-res without me wanting it to be. First off I'm not really sure ...

OBJ export question

Is the exported obj the actual resolution of the Medium sculpture i'm working on ? My exported obj is 306MB, I loaded the obj in blender, it say : 2.5M vertices, 3.3M faces, 3.3M tri.Blender is catatonic when i load it while Medium handle it effortle...

ker2x by Level 4
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bug / feature request / feedback

Okay... first things first : THANK YOU SO MUCH for this software ❤️ I can't draw or sculpt because i have shaking hand so i can't do small detail stuff but with Medium i can zoom and do large movement for fine details and now i can do stuff i could n...

ker2x by Level 4
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Oculus Medium is taking a long time to load... Solved

This morning I set up to do a bit of sculpting in Oculus Medium. Started up some music, put on my headset, and fired off Oculus Medium. Only instead of loading quickly like normal, I got the message, "Oculus Medium is taking a long time to load. If t...

Initial Feedback - Hard to select small clay brush

I love that Undo is button mapped. That was one of my biggest gripes on Tiltbrush.I find that the sensitivity for small clay lines is not granular enough. I have a hard time picking consistently small line at the bottom of the clay scale. If it goes ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Feature Suggestion: Lock a layer

Being able to move a layer around is great, but sometimes I find myself accidentally moving one of the layers and then have to re-position the layer later on (example: Teeth in the mouth of my Dragon get moved sometimes). I would like the ability to ...

Anyone else get loading freezes?

Seems I'm running into this a lot in Medium where I try to load a scene after sculpting a different one and it just hangs there forever. When I start the game back up and load the same thing it loads quick.Not sure if Medium or my 5 year old harddriv...

My First 3D printed Medium Sculpt

This was more of a test than anything else but after doing some repairs to the mesh I got it printable! I printed it on my modded Wanhao Dup i3 V2 at 0.2mm and a penny for scale!My original medium sculpt for comparison:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How do you export paint and separate objects?

I have a scene with some rocks, ground and water that I want to export and load up into Octane Render. Each of those elements is on its own layer in Medium with some paint applied.Export seems to just create a single OBJ object for this with only one...

jtelfer by Level 4
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