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Stamps, symmetry function

Noticed that stamps do not work in single mode and thus are always fuzzy as the hand movements ad material unpredictably. particularly hands and legs get extra feet and fingers while you hold the trigger? There seems to be a symmetry function so that...

hcr696 by Honored Guest
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Minor tutorial issues/feedback

If you run the "Tree" tutorial twice, on the second time through the inflate tool is set to deflate mode - presumably because thats how the tutorial leaves it at the end of the first time through.I couldn't find a way to exit part way through a tutor...

markw65 by Honored Guest
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How do I clear my Medium workspace?

I'm trying to go through the tutorials, but there's always "stuff" in the way--a big white ball, as well as anything I did in the previous tutorial. I did the tree tutorial, then went straight into the cat one, but my tree was still there, sitting ri...

Couple of questions and suggestions

Hi!Loving it, here are some of my big want list:Reference window (yea I know you are working on it!)Move (yup you are working on it!)I would love to be able to toggle between different tools setups for each hand. For example have two sculpt hands wit...

Solved - Medium or Quill will not run

Same issue noted in another thread that I somehow missed. Would delete this post if I could as it is just a duplicateMedium was crashing with an OpenGL High Error: 1282 and Quill would show a black screen. Issue is that I had Rivatuner for displaying...

thhrash by Explorer
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Moving "objects" (or layers) independently

Great stuff... coming from a world of 3D modeling, one of the things I'm missing is the ability to move individual objects around in the scene/world. I've figured out how to switch layers, but how do I move things around? For instance, I'd like to mo...

Artist Spotlight!

Join us on Wednesday, October 26th for our second live sculpting session with Landis Fields, of ILMxLab. Check out the event page here! We'll talk about the creative process in VR and walk through various tools within the Medium sculpting experience....

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Road map for Medium?

Just a general question about the long term goals for medium which I cannot find an answer to in the FAQ. I'm wondering if the plan is to continue to add complexity to medium to make it more capable of high end modeling (things like hard edges and de...

Marthius by Honored Guest
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Oculus Medium Does Not Start - No Error Message

Loving the Rift + Touch, everything is amazing! So far, only Oculus Medium is giving me problems. When I try to launch it using any method, it brings up the hourglass animation then goes immediately back to home. I have an AMD R9290 with the latest d...

Shaosil by Explorer
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Feature Request: Bend Tool

I was thinking that some kind of bend tool would be kind of neat. I'm not sure if there is a place we're supposed to put suggestions, so I'm just putting it here. Here is my suggestion about how you might choose to implement the tool. A. First you ha...



Spraying clay with a thick "brush" plots in really few positions per second. Is this really the expected performance?2600K@4.7 ghz and a OC'ed 980ti

Wildt by Consultant
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Oculus Medium and Quill with Touch Dev Kits?

I was told that Oculus Medium and Quill are free with Oculus Touch, even if they're the Touch Dev Kits. However, when I go the Oculus Store, it still lists Medium for $29.99 and Quill for $29.99. I've already tried setting up the Touch controllers ag...

Stamp Issue

Hi Why when I use the default Head stamp can i not then use clay to build it up in areas ? Also is there plans for a move tool to move the clay around ?Thanks

Oculus Medium

Graphics look strange i have high end PC 32 of RAM I7. lines project from images and weird black bar to my right what should I check

Hman64 by Honored Guest
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Sharing to Gear VR etc

Is there any way to do this?Jeremy from Tested said cube maps were available in their Touch launch review. is this right? or was it in error?If in error - any plans to allow an export in cube map format?

Facebook Live Artist Spotlight

We're honored to host Krystal Sae Eua in our third monthly FB Live Artist Spotlights! During the stream we’ll talk with Krystal about her creative process in VR and walk through various tools within the Medium sculpting experience. Please join us and...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Lack of haptics?

Hey Medium team!Congratulations on this amazing tool you have here! I have no doubt this will start an avalanche of VR creation tools once people see the potential and how much fun it is to use!As cool as your use of audio is, I think you are missing...

SiggiG by Protege
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Hi:Just tried Medium but am having some performance issues. I'm on a fairly above-spec rig (980Ti) etc but the framerate/judder is really bad. Its like its stuck at 45fps?Am I doing something or configuring incorrectly? Do I need ASW forced on or som...

digital by Explorer
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Pushing Dogfooding build 10/31/16

Happy Halloween! In honor of our favorite holiday, we're pushing out a new Dogfooding build!• Medium NUX Sequence! Don’t be surprised when a Medium falls on your head and asks for handedness!• Menus have been changed slightly in ways we think are eas...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Clay Build Up or Layer Tool

I would love a tool that works like the Inflate tool in that it's working off the surface of what you already have, but instead of continuously inflating, it simply adds a layer of clay at a fixed height. The trigger could also be used to change the ...

Pumpkin Sculpting

We’re counting down toHalloween! Carve a pumpkin in Medium with us and post it with the hashtag#oculusmedium and #pumpkincarving We’ll share our favoritesthrough our social channels. Must post before October 31st at11:59pm PST. No prior knowledge of ...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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