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Create an Asset Store

Add an asset store: this will fund development of Medium for your team and speed up to provide the features the community is looking for (multiplayer feature has gone radio silent for quite some time now, without even a mention from Devs whenever it ...

when can we update nvidia studio drivers?

can we get a mail to tell us when we can upgrade our driver to the newest version 441.12? I downgraded to version 431.86 to solve the problem with the stamps (which works). I would like to keep my system up to date though, using more programs then ju...

Studio share issues

Hey folks ! It's nice to join the community ^^ Here the pb issue  : I've tried to use Studio share with a friend and none of us has been abble to make it work. We called a third person but same result! We've tried to disable firewall and everything ...

Recent Saving Problems?

So I'm having an annoying problem which I've never had before. Basically, it won't let me save. It'll let me save new instances of my work with Save as, but the Save function has just stopped working. The permissions on my folder (which is on the des...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Importing textured/ colored assets, stamps, etc

The import functions seem a bit hidden. I have searched for a mentioned "import folder" and found nothing in my files / documents. Any help would be appreciated and a fund function in the Medium manual does not show any specifics on this , other than...

Importing stamps doesn't work?

Hey All, Loving Medium so far. I've tried importing several different obj's into the Stamps import folder and I don't get an error code or anything. Sometimes the game will just go slower and I'll have to restart but recently, there is no sign that a...

ecobrie by Level 3
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why i cant make custom stamp?

When I want to create a stamp, it discards this message, which says the action failed and the media couldn't read it. Also, no custom category is created. Can anyone help me?

Display port and USB disconnection

I have had the oculus for about 2 months and had more problems than game play. I had a about a 3 week period that it run fine now it just crashes every 10 mins or 5. Is anyone else getting the same issue I have i7 4th gen 16g ram rtx2060 650w psuim r...

Stamp Library

Hi,New on the forums, but have been using Medium in my professional work since the beginning of the year.Now that I've got quite the collection of Custom Stamps it's getting increasingly harder to browse through them.- Is there a way to create new fo...

Artifacts in Custom Stamp generated from OBJ

Hello!Back into Medium after a 5 month hiatus. Had some issues getting the new version updated, but seems like Uninstalling and Reinstalling has done the trick.Now, importing OBJ files exporting from Maya and to use as custom stamps. 1st issue that i...

medium prefab failed + medium still crash

hi, here is print my medium log. What is this massage means? i cannot make Stamp from my objects. + Medium still crash without any message, just falls into the oculus house. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes 10 minutes when it happens. I try new ...

Oculus Medium Bug when swinging with left controller

Hi!Since the new release of Medium, when i accidentally (or intentionally) swing my left controller, it swap to the secondary tool, instead, when i try to swap between primary and secondary tool with the trigger nothing happens. I found out that is n...

spotty brush?

hey guys,brand new to vr, oculus and medium altogether. when I do quick gestures or strokes, my brush gets spotty, like a pen with almost no ink. I have to come back and redo the path to fill in the gaps.Is that normal at all? If it is, how can I fix...

Trigger Release Delay - Rift S

After releasing the trigger, strokes (and sound) continue briefly. It seems to be more apparent when using Smooth (when mapped to left trigger).... The delay varies and some strokes have no delay.I'm guessing this is related to the grip lag issue(?)h...

stamp, media failed to read file

haj, yes, I have a stamp issue whenever I want to create my own prefab, so I get this error message. If I give a stamp so I can use my created asset but in the tool library (primitive, organic ..) is not a custom folder. each time you turn it on, thi...

Stamp Rotation

I saw in many videos that people push right stick to right or left, and can change stamp position on pen. But when I push stick stamp becomes yellow and only resize works. How can I rotate stamp?EDIT: Figured it out - you need to press on stick.

Norne19 by Level 2
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Stamps / Brushes / Zbrush collection

Hello I'm aware we can make custom stamps which basically then function as brushes. Is there a collection of these somewhere Can we import brushes from zbrush? If that's the case I would buy the packs you can find online. Does medium.have plans to se...

Flatscreen UI

Something I'd really love for medium would be to have a flatscreen interface that you could use for basic operations like loading saving and exporting, no mesh editing.That way you could go into vr, work on several models with no downtime, and then y...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Concerning 2.3.1 and 16GB vs 32GB of RAM

So ever since I got the new Rift S I had been spending a lot of time in Oculus Medium, which has also led me to get into Blender as well. Even though I haven't really has any major problems using Medium, I have notice that when I make my model at a m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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FBX File Export with Textures no longer works!

The FBX file export with textures does not seem to be creating the UV map correctly and the textures come out all patchwork on the model when I import it to Blender. However if I export an OBJ file with textures it works perfectly. This didn't used t...