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Import to Medium

Hello,Yesterday I wanted to open some photo in Medium to have some reference and I coulnd't find option to do it.In Quill there are options to import pictures and 3d models but in Medium i couldn't find it. (I assume it is trival)

Qkiller by Level 4
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Medium using Rift S Right Eye Geometry flickr :(

Hi I've been using the Oculus Medium since the beginning on the CV1, but now that I have upgraded to the Rift S I have a weird bug that is showing on only on the right eye. Its flickring like crazy on the geometry like the polygons are going everywhe...

PopovQc by Level 2
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Change the Size of a Medium 3D Model

Hi Guys, at first i want to say sorry for my bad english. I have a problem with Oculus Medium. I'm searching for a way to export my models from medium and change their seizes like in a CAD program because i want to get a .stl-File with the right seiz...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Home Imported Image Brightness

Hello,I'm hoping this is one of those, "Just do this" things. I've been having fun importing some models and wanted to add some of my paintings to the walls. I've gone and made the .glb file and everything comes in fine but they are dark when not in ...

Medium usage and Oculus home assets question

Hi there all,I have a question about using medium and the rights orrestrictions regarding assets. For example, if I created a model and wanted tocreate a picture to post to show it off or maybe even sell that picture usinglets say the oculus home as ...

CJK's Sketchbook

cjkproduction.comIG: CyrusJamesKhan(Medium, Cinema 4D & After Effects.)Volcano / Terrain WorkPathfinder / Project Character DesignStarship / No Man's Sky Fan-Art

Post Your First Medium Sculpts!

I will get this going! Just went through the tutorial, the UI is sooo easy to use, picked it up right away. I do have experience with 3D in Maya but still!Here is my first sculpt, took me about an hour to do 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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scaling doesnt work

can someone help me with the scaling options? scene origin doesn't show me anything useful, nor does it still show the "2 meter" plane to even scale my object to. it also seems to be VERY buggy when trying to select layers, sometimes requiring multip...

Custom stamp alignment is off by degrees...

Whenever I create a custom stamp, it is not aligned to the axis of the document so the alignment/snapping tools are no longer useful.https://gyazo.com/4bbf1244dcc8f23db064f84fba51997eThis is a mirrored stamp with angles created at 90 degrees.I've mar...

VR Hardware for Oculus Medium

Hi!I'm newbie in VR sculpting and need a bit of help where to start. Oculus Medium looks cool and i definitely wish to try it. But i'm completely stuck at choosing the right hardware.Which Oculus Rift is better for sculpting the Rift CV1 or Rift S?Is...

Pattern techniques on physical objects

Looking at the dip painting textures, and some of these other ways that physical objects can be given pattern and design. Would Medium be capable of doing something similar? Maybe by passing through an object (just intersecting color), or using some ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Trouble Importing OBJ files

I wanted to be able to use several model I found online as Poly reference but when I go to look into the folder I've placed, medium just doesn't see them.I've tried putting the file into 3D Builder and then exporting it. This way I got two files, the...

2.3 Manual using old visuals

Why doesn't the newest manual have show things as they are in medium? I don;t know why you move away from them. It made it more visual interesting as compared to a color indicator. More importantly why does it mention studio share when that isn't rea...

Contacting Developers

Hi, I'm trying to contact the developers of Oculus Medium (and Dead & Buried II) about including these in our VR research. Can anyone help me contact them please?

OBJ import spec -- checked manual first

Hi All.I checked page 146 of manual here: https://scontent.oculuscdn.com/v/t64.5771-25/10000000_2215941105193670_5870410262799974400_n.pdf?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ht=scontent.oculuscdn.com&oh=5597b2ecd48a6ce7f9d0631618e7c7a1&oe=5D30F6B1But am having trouble ...

R2D2X by Level 3
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What are you working on?

After posting my first sculpt, it was quite a while until I got around to making a sketchbook thread. Sometimes I wanted to post an individual piece, but there really didn't seem to be a place to do that. Even now, I don't usually post "in-progress" ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Gotta get splines like in Gravity. Imagine being able to stroke a spline and alter the stroke width/taper. Should also be spline primitives like circle, spiral, spring, rectangle etc.

how to reset model and symmetry to center

Hi1 Im new to Medium and I'm running into problem where , after sculpting awhile, my model goes off center and the mirroring a off. I've been trying to find a good solution to reset my model to center but cannot find anything. Any thoughts?Thanks!E

My last year of work using Medium

Hi gang, huge fan of Medium and this community. I always wanted to post work here but never had the time. Now that i've just updated my portfolio, i wanted to share what i've been doing in Medium for the last year. https://metrons.artstation.com/The ...

Metrons by Level 5
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Seeking Export Workflow Tips (3ds Max, Maya, Unreal etc)

Hi Everyone.I've read the export guideline pdf and skimmed some other posts but am still having trouble and would appreciate any workflow tips you have.Today I exported a model at 10% decimation with 4K textures, and it looks spotty when imported to ...

R2D2X by Level 3
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SLI a couple 2080ti cards to make Medium faster?

when moving a part of the sculpt with the move tool, i'd like to increase the speed of load time. will getting two cards help with this? is vulkan GPU based now instead of ram?basically just looking for the best possible PC parts to make oculus as fa...

Can we get some simple paint brushes?

There are many times when coloring a sculpt that having a simple splatter brush would make creating a surface texture so much easier. It doesn't need to be very complicated or have a ton of options - I'm not looking for tilt brush inside of medium, j...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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