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D: Drive issue

I can's access the Medium folders from inside Medium.Also it crashes whenever I click on the D Drive (where Oculus is installed)Has anyone else had these issues before?

How do I tell what's the size of an object?

Lets say I will create a square box and want to use it (just for argument sake) in my Oculus Home. How do I tell how big will it be?What determines the overall size of a sculpture? Or if I want to create a hose with all furniture, how big can I make ...

Rudalpl by Protege
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Yan's sketchbook

Hey guys!Seen all the awesome work around here and I feel like sharing my sculpting efforts I try to link the way I model in Medium like I'm doing plastic model kits, creating little dioramas to tell simple stories haha.Feel free to drop me feedback...

hn93he18tqxl.jpg 20f9brvrstwd.jpg 39yo4oe3irj2.jpg qllojdiw1jud.jpg
yanhaoart by Expert Protege
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Resolved! Wrong-------medium 2.2

My medium updated to version 2.2,can't open menu options “save, save as, load, add mesh as clay, export", porgram to stop running, and pop-up window ”Medium has crashed“. Re-installing the software didn't solve the problem.

fangxin by Protege
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FreezeLayer Optimization

So i have a suggestion, How about adding the option to render not active layers at low resolution while still saving the high res version of it for when you are working active with that specific layer?

Battan by Explorer
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Objects imported in Home from Medium

I have read that deleting objectsimported in Home is quite easy. "B" button, Click "Remove Upload", close Oculus, go to _Import directory, manually delete the objects, restart Oculus, go to Home, and voilà, object(s) no longer visible. There is one p...

Very large obj files

I started to "build" something finally. I created a wall from bricks and some stones lying around so far, nothing special and just for the sake of trying exported my sculpture.The OBJ file is nearly 1GB in size!!! I barely started and it already take...

Rudalpl by Protege
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How to create base for your sculpt?

I wanted to create a little scene. A little dungeon like bit. Couple of walls, few items and so on, but I can't seem to start very good.I'm not an artist and I very quickly loose sense of direction when everything is floating around me, so I thought ...

Rudalpl by Protege
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Jagged edges on objects

Basically anything with a sharp edge like a box ends up being Jagged squashed also if I'm just trying to make a thin line half of it disappears.

Pochrist by Honored Guest
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Oculus Medium won't load.

Hello Everyone,When I try to launch Oculus medium, the window for it pops up, but it is white, and when I look in my rifts display, it is stuck on the loading screen. Does anyone have a fic for this?

a thank you and a wish

It gives a lot, lot of pleasure to work in "Medium"!There is, however, one thing i really wish for and have noticed again in this work: a dynamic increase in the resolution in areas of sculpture where it is necessary. Like in "Kanova" or "Shapelab", ...


Can't upload sculpt to Facebook

Hey everyone, so I started working with Medium and loved it so far. I made something simple and uploaded it on FB with no problem. The second time around I decide to dedicate time on my work and when I upload it, it doesnt work. It says its uploading...

Rikheart by Honored Guest
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Nothing comes out the brush

Hi. When I first installed Oculus software and Medium it worked great. After reinstalling nothing comes out of the brush. I also can't use the other tools to manipulate imported objects for example painting objects. It makes the sound but nothing hap...

LordPa by Honored Guest
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Is there a way to make a spectator camera?

I want to record a mixed reality video where I can show myself sculpting. I know that there is a spectator camera in Record mode, but is there a way to make an extra spectator camera so I can record stuff live?I hope that makes sense.

Shadowxx by Honored Guest
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Welcome to Oculus Medium 2.0!

It’s been 18 months since Oculus Medium launched, and now we’re out with our biggest update yet! Medium 2.0! This update delivers many user-requested core sculpting features, like increased layer limit, grid snapping, and multiple lights. We also hav...

naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Remove custom stamp

Hello,I made a custom stamp and do not like it as well as I thought and am having a hard time removing it. I tried following a tip made a year ago, but could not find a delete option in the stamp area. Not sure what to do.

Can I install Medium in more than 1 pc?

I have installed Medium in my office PC, can different Windows users use it in the same pc loging in their own sessions? Can I install it in my home pc? Basically the question is, show many PCs or users per license? Thank you!

RicR by Honored Guest
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MechNugget's Hangar

Hey guys,Im a concept artist in the video game industry and I recently picked up Oculus Medium.Im having so much fun with the sofware and I wanted to share some of my work with youHere is a series where I designed some stamps and used them to make me...

79llz5l239eu.jpg a509v27jojr0.jpg e8jbawh7311b.jpg v5lsxxbq4q6w.jpg

Happy 2 year anniversary to Medium!!

Only 2 years ago today, Touch was released. To celebrate, we've asked just a few users who've been using Medium since the beginning to create a little collage of their work through the years.Make your own collage :blush: and post it here!

tc2e9v6n0yuv.png zec2i3f2zjzs.jpg 6fk2qms2uv7r.png 3f7omgojmws2.jpg
naycorn by Heroic Explorer
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Medium Crashes since the update!I can't get it to work on my system at all.