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Nearly lost project from renaming it inside Medium

Has anyone had issues with renaming their project? When I renamed mine, Medium somehow lost the associated *.asset file, and I was no longer able to access my project anymore.I thought hours of sculpting was lost forever, but luckily I was able to lo...

Half of sculpt went poof after merging 2 layers together

Hey there,I had an issue with a recent sculpt, and was wondering if there is any type of recovery that can be made (doubtful) or if there is anything you all would advise for this to not happen in the future.summary of events:I had a larger sculpt I ...

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tarose by Honored Guest
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Medium - Export Pipeline guide

Hi all, As you all probably know we've expanded a lot of the export options within Medium at our V1.1.1 update. To walk you through all the options, what they mean, and how they all connect we made this little guide for you. Enjoy! Let us know if you...

I can't let go of my model

Hi, I seem to be having an issue with medium. When I try to grab my model, to resize or turn it, I can't let go with my left hand. It acts as if the grip button is permanently pressed it, but it isn't. Despite that, the animation of my hand still sho...

Texturing a Medium model using a picture/photo?

So, I've been wondering if this is possible:1) Import a photo into Medium. Let's say a face texture.2) Move the photo/texture onto the model in Medium.3) Export model and texture to be used in other programs (Unity etc).

Orkel by Adventurer
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Missing files in oculus artists Gallery

I'm currently trying to download the live tutorial for Steve Lords wrinkle tutorial:https://www.oculus.com/medium/recordings/413850498978520/However it appears all of his files are either missing or otherwise impossible to download, are they at all r...

Large Scultp - "Dust" Bug

When working on large sculpts, there seems to be a kind of "dust" that develops in between saves. It's kind of random, and I usually spot and clean it in VR, but it reappears overt time. It is made of tiny sculpt bits, extremely small.I tend to work ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to use Medium Assets in Unity

Does anyone here have a complete, clean workflow from Medium to Blender to Unity?I know that sculpts are nowhere near animation-ready straight from Medium, but as far as retopology, baking maps, and transitioning files, I keep finding snags here and ...

eithman by Protege
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Sharing Custom Stamps Libraries

Hey guys, let's share stamps libraries.I made these buildings to do mech dioramashttps://gumroad.com/l/FCvymQuick sculpt using the buildingshttps://www.oculus.com/medium/sculpts/292630711284020/


increasing the resolution causes the borders to be lost

I have reached a point where once I res up resolution on a sculpt I get a warning like in Title, and yes I loose part of my sculpt.What would be the best way to not have this issue, I do not want to divide my geometry in layers since its one organic ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Need some advise on a part of sculpt

Hello everyone,I'm just starting out using medium and working on my first sculpt (A Genesect from the pokemon games, pictured below) and I'm having trouble creating the abdomen (The part the legs are connected to).It has 4 sides each curved convexly ...


Any way to make a flat wall???

I struggle to make a flat wall. By default the max size of the clay tool is no where near large enough. With the new plane feature I thought it could be done with the stamp that looks like a flat square.. but unfortunately it's pretty much impossible...

Fatal error : medium has crashed

Hi everyone,Like a lot of people I have a fatal error on Medium launch.- My monitor is plugged on the same video card than my Rift,- I allready uninstalled, installed driver,- Quill works,My config :Windows 7i5-467016GoGeForce GTX TITANI tried everyt...

StYoukii by Honored Guest
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help please...

The program does not work... worked for an hour the first time i started it up and since then i can do nothing with it. seems like one of my menus is also missing where the tutorial video was when i statred. completely overload gpuand crashing. every...

Oculus Hybrid Apps - Substance Painter

I am completely psyched about this! Would be amazing if there's some kind of integrated back and forth pipeline between this and medium!https://www.engadget.com/2018/09/26/oculus-teases-hybrid-apps-that-merge-the-desktop-with-vr/https://www.youtube.c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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LZoltowski Sketchbook

Hey, so I have been using Medium more as a collaboration space with clients using existing models, but decided to start doing my own thing Decided to do a quick doodle myself to figure out workflows between it and Substance and Redshift renderer .. ...

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Future of medium ?

I have been thinking alot about, where developers wants to go with medium.. 2.0 was an amazing update, with massiv performance boost.I have asked for pinch and so on before, i feel they should focus on tools for details now. People are exporting to z...

Objects saved/shared to home

Anyone knows how to get rid of objects you made in Medium and shared to home? Sometimes all I get is an exclamation point or the object I saved which was supposed to be 1.5 meters I get in mm instead or it's the opposite you get giant stuff instead o...

kobs57 by Heroic Explorer
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Request: VR workflow for photogrammetry

Hi, this post may be a little be off-topic I hope not too much. some time ago I saw somewhere a very cool video about a guy who was refining the polygons of a house captured with the photogrammetry technique. this video was showing him doing this job...

Dan1018 by Adventurer
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Oculus Home questions

LZoltowski said: You can do it now, in Medium .. go to Share ... and select Home .. simple as thatthen when you are in home, open the objects menu and it should automatically be in My imported objectsEdit: Moved here, since its not really relevant to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Medium crash on startup

Hello,Medium is crashing every time I try to run it.- I run the Oculus App as administrator- I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Oculus App and Medium- I'm running Windows 10Most of the apps works fine except Quill and Medium... I've opened anothe...

LV-426 by Explorer
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Sculpts and Mirror planes are always off-center.

This issue has been happening for the last couple times I used Medium.Whenever I create something it doesn't stick to the Mirror, has anyone else had this issue?I have the same issue with reference images and when I 'Center Sculpt' it doesn't align w...