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Tools I want to come

So after awhile of playing I can easily say this will be the way I sculpt for work. There are some thing however that I feel this program needs;MaskingA tool similar in function to the paint tool. But this tool lets you select by painting area which ...

Oculus Medium Crash

Whenever I open oculus medium it immediatly crashes and says:Fatal errormedium has crashed.Here is my log File08/07/18 01:40:33 : C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\oculus-oculus-medium-retail\bin\OculusMedium.exe startup: 08/07/18 01:40:34 : ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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stamp alignment and list view problems

im having some issues with imported stamps, the stamp "ghost" is way out of alignment with the tool, yet it stamps in the correct place, also the list preview is extremely dark/shows no detail, so it makes the stamps next to useless.. i have tried co...

FrozenPea's Sketchbook

Thought I'd start my own Sketchbook Edit(3/20/17): Some of my older sculpts:It's been a busy few weeks but finally got some time in Medium again!I wish I posed him a bit better now but it served as a good practice to get back into the swing of thing...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to get rid of "installed" sculpts?

When I go to the Load dialog, there are all kinds of sculpts that I didn't make ("Beast", "Stone Golem", etc). When I use the list on the side, I can see that they're under "installed", and my sculpts are under "personal". Where can I find the "insta...

Resolved! Medium crash on startup.

Hi everyone,I open medium from the oculus app, then get a blank white window labeled “oculus medium” and a fatal error message: “Medium has crashed”, I’ve tried common solutions: restarting everything, in/reinstalling medium, editing the directories,...

Stamping in Middle

A lot of times, I like to work on mirror mode when sculpting figures / head busts. However, I am wondering if there is a way to 'stamp' the base in the middle, like is there a setting to help me do that so it is exactly in the middle that I can use M...

pearry by Level 2
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I would love to see a bone system to pose a near finished sculpt after a mirror session.


Oculus Medium suddenly crash and crash, i used it last week and it was ok. Now even after reinstalling it i get the white screen and Fatal Error. Medium has crashed.Anyone else having this kind of issue? its very frustrating

Crash on boot

My specs are:Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (Latest Drivers)Intel i5-6600KI have attached my dxdiag and the log for the crash.I tried updating my pc and restartingGLFW Error [65546]: The specified window has no contextGLFW Error [65538]: There is no current con...

Wes1180 by Level 3
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Looking to buy.. but Crashes!?

I made a quick look at the reviews and forums before purchase. It seems there's a crash issue occurring.I was hoping someone could say whether the reason was found or if it was fixed.

Stamping in Middle

A lot of times, I like to work on mirror mode when sculpting figures / head busts. However, I am wondering if there is a way to 'stamp' the base in the middle, like is there a setting to help me do that so it is exactly in the middle that I can use M...

pearry by Level 2
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Can't "save as" any more.

I usually save several different stages of each sculpt I make, but since the last update I'm unable to use the "save as" option to save the sculpts under different names.I can type in a new name on the virtual keyboard, but hitting enter takes me to ...

thoiter by Level 4
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Feature Request: Dynamic Layer Resolution

I really appreciate the ability to set the resolution for a layer so I can achieve the detail I need in a sculpt. However, after using the dynamic resolution features found in both Zbrush 2018 and SculptrVR, I really wish for Dynamic Layer Resolution...

JasonW by Level 4
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Feature Request: Set Layer Hardness for Carving

After using Medium for a little bit and trying to carve into clay with various stamps in the shapes of traditional clay tools, I find it really difficult to carve into a shape because there is no resistance to the strokes that I apply. I end up with ...

JasonW by Level 4
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ibuildrobots sketchbook

Just upgraded to 2.0 ... so testing out new features.So far pretty awesome looking features.Here is a sculpt I started in 1.3.. brought into 2.0..The new file management system is way better..

Medium crashes on launch.

I have a brand new Oculus. I was able to launch Quill, but I cannot launch Medium:Fatal ErrorMedium has crashed.Below I have included the text of the Oculus_Medium.log and my DxDiagPlease help! Let me know if you need any more information.thanks!****...

Feature request - decimation preview at export

Hi Oculus devs. Medium is awesome with the new export options. There are two things that would make it perfect:the ability to preview the decimation and tweak the poly count before exportinga sharpness setting (or something similar) to stop the expor...

jtelfer by Level 4
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medium 2.0 crashes for me to

medium 2.0 is crashing on my system in the same way as many have reported here this is obviously some glitch affecting alot of us from the update. i include my log below. I run on a high spec system there is no reason why the program can not run on m...

VR Video - can't find mp4 files

I'm having a problem locating the files from a VR Video recording.Found the folder no problem, but there's no MP4 file. Only .asset, .PNG and a .rec file, which appears to be the video (it's huge). They're on an external drive with plenty of space. I...

medium crashed

installed re-instaled , upload latest drivers nvidia, gtx titan 780 before update works fine ... other app works ((( I need medium back

Twitchy shadowmaps.

I've noticed if you have shadowmap enabled for a lamp then you add another it kills the first lamp's shadowmap (not sure if the new one grabs it or not) but leaves the button turned on in the first light's properties. Need to turn it off then back on...

Carve Brush?

One of the hardest things to do in Medium is carving in features into an only somewhat smooth surface. This is needed to carve a nice clean line between lips, bore in nostrils (especially for animal noses, which have very complex geometry), and so fo...

Resolved! Is it possible to use Medium one handed?

I have RSI in my right arm, so I've switched to sculpting with my left hand, but am struggling with the support menu. Is it possible to get the support menu to stay on screen, so I don't have to hold my right arm up? Are there any controls for the tr...