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Level 4
Okay... first things first : THANK YOU SO MUCH for this software ❤️ 
I can't draw or sculpt because i have shaking hand so i can't do small detail stuff but with Medium i can zoom and do large movement for fine details and now i can do stuff i could never do before  😮

Now, about the good and the bad stuff.

I'll start with bugs : 
  • Sometimes i have occlusion problem and depending of the zoom level (and possibly direction) some polygons disapears (it's not at the edges so it's not a bounding box issue)
  • I think it's mostly with shapes (eg : the head) that were scaled up and resampled (the resolution button) but i have weird dark stripes depending of the light/shadow. It's 100% related to ambient occlusion and it get worse/better if i increase/decrease Ambient occlusion setting
  • Sometimes the software just get stuck in the "busy" screen (the 3 walking shape) and i have to kill the software in process manager. I see A LOT of event in the window event journal and it seems to be related, i need to check if it really is next time i have this bug. eg : Heartbeat tick network request failed with error: OVR53225466
  • When i paint a thin surface, it paint both side of the surface :'( 
  • i couldn't share my sculpture clicking on the share button, i got an error message (but i forgot the message, i think it was a timeout)

Feature request (in no particular order) : 
  • Wireframe view so i can see the resolution of the layer i'm working on.
  • Possibiliy to rename a Layer
  • Total polygon and RAM/VRAM usage (i have 32GB or RAM and 4GB of VRAM and i intent to abuse it but i need to know what is my current usage and if i can increase the resolution or not)
  • Export replay to video !! This is my #1 feature request so i can spread the love about Medium ❤️
  • An optional different color picker, i don't like the current one. I like working in B&W but it's really difficult to pick shades of grey. 
  • You can pick and save/load a bunch of colors in Quill, i'd like to see that in medium too.
  • The possibility to decrease resolution if it turn out that i increase it too much for my needs.
  • more tools of course :wink: (i have no idea how to use the swirl tool however)
  • The ability to write/import shader (for advanced poweruser, obviously, using a text editor and all the dev stuff). I see a nice README and a bunch of GLSL/GLFX files in the data/shaders directory. Maybe it's already available using some kind of hidden/debug command/console ?
  • Can you add a clock in the home menu so i can realize it's already 5AM and i have to wake up at 7 ? 😄
If i had to pick 3 features, in order : video export, wireframe view, color picker.
About the bugs, i don't know. The ambient occlusion problem was a disaster until i found out i could change it in a submenu. So probably the 1st bug in the list is the most annoying, followed by the painting problem.

That's all for now. Please tell me if you need more information about one of the bug/feature i wrote.



Level 4
The "infinitely busy" bug only happen when loading, or increasing resolution. Not when i'm sculpting.
It never happened while saving and i hope it never will.

It mostly happen when i increased the resolution too many times, or after multiple saving/loading. To be on the safe side i usually restart the software before reloading a sculpture.

I saw similar behavior in java software with limited memory and/or memory leak and the GC is starved (i saw some server application being stuck for days before it unfreeze). So i checked memory usage everytime it happened and the software used less than 2GB of memory (and i have toooooons of free/available RAM) so it's not that, and Medium isn't written in java anyway, but i had to check 🙂

Level 4
Workaround : i can fix the disappearing polygons with just a little touch of smoothing tool.

Level 8
  1. You're most likely seeing LOD. As you move things further from you we render less of it to increase performance. When you move it back to you all of those should render. There is a bug dealing with some artifacts that will be fixed soon.
  2. Memory intensive operations like increasing resolution, duplicating complex layers,etc. can occasionally run your machine out of memory very fast. We are implementing better messaging so you know this is about to happen before you do it.
  3. This is currently by design. 
  4. Let us know the error message and we'll have a look. The most common problem is taking your HMD off before the upload completes. You have to have your HMD enabled for the duration of the upload.
This thread has other common concerns and fixes:

Level 12

ker2x said:
  • You can pick and save/load a bunch of colors in Quill, i'd like to see that in medium too.

Workaround. Make a little palette like what artists use and spray little blobs of the colours you use on there. Stick it to the side then you can just double tap the b-button and grab a sample whenever you need one. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I noticed one error with maximum number of layers, as follows: I have 19 layers, and I Duplicate a piece of geometry. This creates a new layer (number 20, which is the max). Then I try to Flip the new layer, and I get an error that says "This operation will exceed the maximum number of layers", or something to that effect, even though Flip shouldn't create an additional layer. I have to merge or delete another layer to free up an extra layer, and then I can do the Flip operation, although the flipped layer is still number 19.

i7 5820K @ 4.25GHz | RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 | Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 | Corsair DDR4 3000 32GB | Corsair HX 750W
SSDs: Intel 660p M.2 2TB, 3x Samsung Evo 1TB | Startech PCIe 4x USB 3.0 | Startech PCIe 2x USB C 3.1 gen2

Level 8
Yeah, we're working on clarity there but flipping temporarily creates an additional layer which would cause it to exceed the max.