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medium keeps crashing

Level 2
I'm some what new to trying to figure out how to solve issues like this. if some one could guide towards what solutions I could try to solve this issue would be a blessing. 

Level 8
There are a few solutions in the FAQ thread and many in this section of the forum. 

The most common culprits are running 3rd party tuning softwares like GPU tuners and over-clockers turning those off or in some cases you need to uninstall them. Malware and virus scan softwares cause a lot of problems. Out of date display drivers, although I think that has been mostly resolved by the required minimum drivers Oculus has now. Having "special" characters in your file path was causing issues but I think that has been resolved. 

Curious question, are you able to run Quill? 

Level 3
Same problem here. Usedto work -- didn't use it for a month -- and now it crashes every time I start it.Quill works fine

Level 8
Try navigating to Documents-Medium-Preferences and deleting the files there and rebooting. We've seen conflicting preference files cause issues.

If you're still crashing after that could you go to your appdata-locallow-oculus-medium folder and attach the logs you find in there? 

Level 15
Also make sure Rift and all monitors/TVs are connected to the primary dedicated GPU. Nothing can be plugged into on-board video ports or secondary cards (in SLI/CF systems). Thanks.
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