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2 Facebook accounts vs account sharing for dual Quest 2’s. I only care about multiplayer

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I bought a second Quest 2 and just found out that the only “approved” way to have two of them is to use the same FB account. I also heard that using the same FB account on both makes multiplayer only partially work with a handful of games. This is totally lame IMO. I don’t mind buying 2copies of a couple games if it means I get multiplayer.   I’m literally feel like I’m going to be forced to make a fake second Facebook account just to get this headset usable.  I read if I get caught with a second account then I could get banned and my headset bricked.      

Am I wrong here? I don’t want 2 separate single player vr headsets, I want 2 vr headsets to transport the 2 people into one of many multiplayer worlds.  i.e.- Bigscreen Beta isn’t even on the list of games that support account sharing!  That program is Essential to my vr plans.




PS- I’m probably only going to install mostly free games anyway, but there are a couple I have my eye on and want to buy


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, insector_x! We love hearing people wanting to share the gift of VR with family and friends. You can have multiple accounts on one headset and you can read more about that in this article. This would also give you the opportunity to play multiplayer together! The amount of games that offer that aren't a lot at the moment, but we are still working on bettering our system for everyone. Hope this helps and happy gaming! 🙂

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