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2021 Solution to Destroying Guardian in Q2


How do you get rid of Guardian forever on the Q2?


Turn it off the the Developer section of the Settings menu

Heroic Explorer

Don't you need a credit card to have developer enabled?.

Hey there aguy10, thanks for reaching out. We see you are inquiring about how to enable developer mode and how to disable Oculus Guardian. 


To answer your questions, yes, you need to have a credit card or a cellphone number to access developer mode, and accordingly, sideloading.


For Oculus Guardian to be turned off, you will need to enable Oculus Developer Mode. Settings > See All > Developer and there should be a switch to disable guardian.


To enable Developer mode on your device, 

  1. In a browser, go to this page and log into your Oculus account
    • Create a new organization
    • Enter your organization name and click submit
    • Review and accept the terms
  2. Turn on your Quest headset and open the Oculus app on the Android or iOS device you used to set up your Quest
  3. Select Devices (bottom-right)
  4. Select your Quest from the device list and connect to it
  5. Select More Settings 
  6. Select Developer Mode
  7. Toggle on the Enable Developer Mode option
  8. Reboot your Quest using the right-side power button.
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