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3 Controllers

Honored Guest

Hi everyone


Can I use 3 Oculus Quest 2 controllers together at the same time with the Oculus Quest 2?


I've never heard of it being done so I suspect not but I have to ask, what would you use to hold the third one? My mind has created an entirely horrible image for me.

Well, two weeks ago I smashed my controller into the wall and now is the vibration a little bit broken. So I was thinking of buying a new one. And then I want to put a gun hold on that broken one so that I still have 2 normal controllers with a gun to play with.

I guess you could unpair one controller and pair the other when you want to use the gun.


Yeah, but that almost takes away all my purpose for the extra controller. And I askes the Oculus Support and you can't use 3 controllers at once, so I'll see what I will do. Thank you!

I suspect the software only understands the concept of left-hand and right-hand so a third-hand would be difficult to implement and only appeal to a very small audience. Given all the much more in-demand (and yet simple) things Oculus don't seem able to implement, like not displaying all apps by default, I wouldn't hold your breath for this one.