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360 videos freezing

Level 2

I produced 360 videos last winter with my insta 360 X2 camera. The movies in mp4 format are poured into my oculus quest 2 and the rendering was really impressive. This week I wanted to review these videos and I am having problems. The sound and the image stop alternately or even everything freezes. I reverted my device to factory settings and returned the original files to my virtual reality headset, without success. I assume this is due to one of the updates received since the last use. Thank you for helping me.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Clovis, you should still be able to watch your videos in your Quest. There might be an issue with the formats of your video. The supported video formats are mp4, m4v, 3gp, 3g2, webm, mkv, wmv, and avi. You have to make sure the audio is also supported they have to be formatted in mp3 or aac. Note, Some mp4 videos may have unsupported audio formats that won't work in Oculus Video. You can attempt to re transfer your videos to your device(For information please click HERE). If you double-check the videos, and they are in supported formats, please click here or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed in to the community first to send us a private message.

I am French-speaking, so my English may be imprecise. I mentioned in my message that these videos were well accepted by my Oculus Quest 2 last winter when I filmed these videos. These videos are in MP4 in H264 format. I haven't made any changes to these files since the first viewing, but now they don't normally work even though I could read them without a problem before. Since my native files are unchanged, I have to assume that your software is behaving differently. While waiting for a response from you, I did some testing today. In particular by creating new partial files in H264 and H265 format with the same problem. Then I lowered the bit rate which was originally at 200. When I lower the bit rate below 150, the video and sound work normally again ... I am a beginner in the field, but I find this abnormal situation. The microphone is yours!

Hey clovis-rdf,


You are legendary for being proactive and researching additional troubleshooting steps. We want to make sure your issue was resolved and there isn't any other problems with reviewing videos. If you need additional assistance please open an Oculus Support ticket


Happy Spooky Season!👻



Level 2

Is the problem resolved? No ! I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me why a video that worked great last winter doesn't work anymore. In my mind, it's not normal that I have to change the settings of this video in order to watch it. I reduced the bitrate from 200 to 150, but obviously this necessarily affects the quality of the image, so when I watch in 360 with my Oculus Quest 2, it appears an offset image on people when they move a little fast , on the computer screen the video is ok. How can i send you a video ?

Hi clovis-rdf, 


We want to get you back to gaming soon. Please open an Oculus Support ticket, you would be able to submit us your video along with any other information we request to do further research. 


Happy Spooky Season! 👻