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8k video playback

Level 2
Does anyone know why the quest 2 will play back sideloaded 8K 60 frames per second video flawlessly and a computer running a fast processor and radeon 5700 XT graphics card will not?

Level 8
you need to check if your videocard does h.265 decoding, if your 8k video is h.265. then install k lite:

"if the video stutters and your videocard supports h.265 decoding, then your not using hw decoding, then you need to use the hw decoding on the videocard, 
install klite;

i also have to set virtual desktop video player settings to use direct3d 11 acceleration too.
"If you are on the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, make sure to download the HEVC Video Extension to get the best hardware decoding performance. It used to be part of Windows but is now a separate download, from the microsoft store."
i installed the klite codec pack and set h.265 decoder to lav in "preferred decoders" tab using the tweak tool in the klite software.
i just set everything to use lav in the "preferred decoders" tab though."

Level 4
How can i play 8k video in unity on quest2?

Level 5
Flawlessly?? No, there is microjudders, just like on every Oculus headset before.
Just see some constant speed scrolling video

Level 4
quest2 can play it

Not applicable
How? Which player?