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ALVR Help Please - Steam detects incorrect controller!

I tried ALVR a while back and it didn't work too well for me, but I have since changed to a gaming laptop which I can use in the same room as my router and have connected to it with a cat7 cable. I think the issues I had previously could have been due to wifi latency. 

I have sideloaded the application to my Quest and installed the server on my PC, all seems to connect fine. But when I launch Steam and go into the roomscale setup, it incorrectly detects that I have only 1 Vive controller (not one Quest controller), the batteries on both controllers are fully charged. It won't let me complete the setup as it isn't correctly detecting inputs from the controller. What am i doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated!

I would love to try Alyx and Boneworks wirelessly! 

First you should check if your Steam software components are up to date (SteamVR currently is v 1.11.11)
Then we should find out which version of ALVR you have.
AFAIK there are two flavours out there
- the "original" 2.4 Alpha 5
- the modified 2.4 Experimental 10
the latter is provided in SideQuest - you only have to download the corresponding version for the PC.
I am using the Experimental 10 and my start procedure is:
- launch the PC-Server-program
- launch the Quest client
- select "connect" on the PC and when it shows "connected"
- select "start server"
at this time Steam will load (if not already started) and SteamVR will launch and you will find yourself in SteamVR-Home.
On the PC you can then open SteamVR Settings and test your controllers.
In my case everything is running smoothly, the Touch controllers are properly recognized.
Good luck 🙂

Thankyou! I ended up getting VR Desktop and that works flawlessly, I will now try your suggestion too and compare the two versions for performance. 

Having my gaming laptop wired into my router made such a huge difference, I can't really tell the difference between using Link now. 

Boneworks and Half Life Alyx untethered is just amazing! Going to complete them both again now! :smiley: