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Level 2

I recently purchased Asgards Wrath but it was very choppy at the first scene although it got through it and then I ended up in the tavern where I could not pick up the tankard , could not exit etc.  I finally had to request a refund but wondered if anyone had any known issues I might be able to fix so I would consider buying it again at a later time.  My computer had plenty of space to run it and I had done a VR test through another website and it passed that and I have had no other problems with any other games from the store except this one although Runes is a little choppy but not unplayable.  Thanks for any information.  I have included my computer specs which is a Cyberpower gaming computer I just bought last year.    


AMD Ryzen 3 2300X Quad-Core Processor 3.50 GHz


8.00 GB RAM


64-bit operating system, x64-based processor


Level 2

Which GPU? I had serious trouble with 5700xt and fixed it lowering game settings and quest 2 resolution but anyway the game is really heavy on pc

Level 15

Asgard's Wrath is one of the most demanding VR games you can get. You really need 16GB ram, you only have 8. Also you're using an old low-end cpu. 

Most important is your gpu (video card) - you don't even mention the gpu you're using. So I take it your not much into PC hardware, but then again many aren't.


I get the impression you're using a way too slow rig for Asgard's Wrath. Asgard's Wrath easily takes all what my RTX 3090 can give. We might define "unplayable" differently 😉


Asgard's Wrath recommended specs are:


i7 7700K cpu

GTX 1080 gpu

16GB ram


I'd consider that close to the bare minimum to enjoy the game. 

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Level 2

Thank you everyone who took the time to reply.   I bought my computer thinking hey it's brand new it should run everything as it's a gaming computer.  I have not had issues with any other games from Oculus or online etc so I am guessing I dont have the right specs after the informative replies I received.   I guess I may try to update or have to pass on this one which is too bad as I heard its great.  Thank you all again.  

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Is that steam? I'm 3 posts behind. Does Rift have home like q2?