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Adding payment method

Level 2

I have tried multiple cards and PayPal accounts. Why am I getting an "Error" and I can't add anything. I already submitted a ticket. Is it my info or the app?? Very frustrating cause I just bought the Quest 2, 2 days ago. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @fudgemonkee we understand you are having issues with adding your payment method to your new device. This is certainly not the experience we want for our customers, and we completely understand your frustrations. You should be able to add your payments no problem as long they are one of our supported methods.


While you are waiting for our team to get back to you about this issue, we would love to attempt some troubleshooting:

  • Check with your financial institution to make sure there hasn't been any restrictions placed
  • Restart your device
  • Try another web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  • Try another device
  • Try another network connection

If these steps do not work for you, please know your ticket is being looked at by a special team and you should hear from them soon. 🙏