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After not playing for months

Level 2

Library and Home screen will not load

Browser will load

Is wifi connected

I believe the updates have been made

Please help


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Tag.Lia.Via,


We're glad to (almost) have you back gaming with us. To get you all the way there, we want to help out.


To start, what device are you running? That question will be super important going forward and well help narrow down the issue.

Thank you for responding

Quest is what I have

Not #2.... 


Hey there! Thanks for providing that extra information. We do have a fix we'd like you to try, please try the following:


  • Open your Oculus Phone app and go to settings.
  • Next, tap the Quest device in question.
  • Unpair the device and then repair the device to your phone.

This should solve your issue, please let us know if you are still having troubles after trying this so we can move onto more advanced troubleshooting steps.