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Air Link finds PC on WiFi, not on ethernet


Hi all,


I just picked up Quest 2, and am trying to get air link to work. 


The headset searches for my home PC endlessly with no luck.


I plugged a USB WiFi adapter into my PC and the headset found my PC with no trouble.  Performance is not great. (as I expected)


I've unplugged the WiFi adapter, and my computer is in the Air Link list on the headset, but cannot be selected, probably because it cannot be found again.


Any hints or advice?



I also have this issue

Hey I solved this - issue was my voip gateway was in between my router and PC. direct connect your PC to your router. 

hope this helps!

aw sad day, I am connected directly to my router 😞

My clue was to check the IP addresses of the quest and my PC. The first 3 sets of numbers should be the same

yup, my numbers match, 192.168.0.X

Sorry pal - don’t have any other insight. There is a VR discord where I sought some tech support, maybe try in there?


best of luck!


no worries, thanks for the tips either way