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Air Link secure mode issue

Honored Guest

Since the secure mode was instituted in "Air Link" I have a BIG issue connecting.

My computer is in a different room from my Quest2 and when I try to initiate "Air Link" it now requires that I confirm a code on my computer. This means that I have to remove the Quest2, run across the house, confirm, run back across the house, put the Quest2 back on, and since it has now turned off, restart it and (here's the problem) have no way to connect to the computer even though the Quest2 says I am connected. All I see is the Quest2 home screen and the Quest2 options, no way to operate from the PC or get to the desktop.


Why was this instituted? How do I get around it?

Even though I live in a small house, it is old, with Plaster and lathe walls, and no wireless in most of the rooms, except the room I have the Oculus in, so if I go into the computer room to set this up, I will get disconnected on the way back across the house.  

I am in need of a solution.