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AirLink Looks Good So Far

Level 4

My two cents, and I'm not shy about criticizing FB and the poor Link software: 


AirLink runs like a dream so far. Maybe not quite as smooth as VD yet, but very very close in my opinion. Granted I have a good pc (not great) and the essential 5ghz router and network setup, etc. Also sitting about 6ft. from my router. Still, this runs about as well as the Link, I swear! Rare I praise ya'll, Oculus, but the future looks bright for Quest 2. Basically a very affordable hybrid/mobile pcVR unit once you get it all sorted out. A happy customer for now!🤣😉🥲 


Level 15

Ya, it's working great with everything for me as well.  I still cannot believe how well it works given it's just a first pass experimental beta.  Certainly works better than the first Link beta's, lol!


I'm thinking that it may be a good idea to have a separate Air Link category so we can find a place to discuss it rather than mixed up with the Quest/Quest2 section where probably most (esp. Q1 users, lol!) are not using it anyway.  Just a thought. 

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Ohmigod yes. Compared to the nightmare that was the Link software and upgrade issues, Air Link works wonderfully. Did have a few issues with older VR games not recognizing my gamepad immediately, but that seems solved now after re/pairing them a few times. Fingers crossed, but big improvement here for me at least. This rivals VD already. 

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Agreed. Air link works really well for me too. 

Level 5


I've just tried it.

Around 2 seconds latency in Oculus home when I move my head or controllers.

While VD runs perfectly smooth with the most intensive games.

I'll go find a place to puke now...

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That's a problem on your end tho... 

If VD doesn't have a problem on my end, then it's a problem on Oculus' end.

Level 3

I need to use airlink without a physical screen, because at present, I must have a physical screen to start Oculus Desktop, even if I use an HDMI dongle.

Search the forums as needed, but I did need to go in Oculus Debug Tool and set Bit Rate to 0 and possibly the resolution width? to 0 also. (The 2344 or 2888 number). Set just about all other parameters back to default there also (after adjusting these previously to get the awful child of the family, Oculus Link Cable, to work again after recent updates, v. 26, 27). This made a tremendous difference, so do make sure you have these settings back to 0 or default). Sorry so sloppy on this response but do Google that tip. I forgot to mention that until I made those changes AirLink was literally unplayable for me also--like the worst lag I'd  ever seen,  2+ seconds as you mention, etc... 


Good luck, all. When it does work it's a thing of beauty, I'll happily confess this to our FB overlords!🥲🤣

Well, you were right.

Changing the Bit rate from 350 to 0 solved the latency.

But image quality and aliasing is still poor compared to VD on my 1070 GPU.