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And now what new Quest should have. (Just discussion really)


I want to say that closest standalone competitor already has it. I dunno really why Meta (Facebook, Oculus) didn't do it right from the start, but look at Pico Neo 3 Pro. It has Standlone mode like Quest 2. And it has PCVR mode with frakking DP cable. Of couse Quest 2 has AirLink and it's a really good solution. Which is not enought for a good flight simulator because it lacks somewhat in picture quality. And then we have the  problems with Link cable too, as we have sound stuttering when we try to increase picture quality by increasing encoding bitrate, we also have compression artefacts along with blurry details for far objects which is direct result of said compression. So what new Meta HMD should have:
1. DP connection directly to graphics card. No matter how much Meta wants it PCVR will never go away. And you have to support it, cause you have pretty much largest user base and I don't think that it will be satisfied with only standalone solutions when we can have PCVR too. Loose that Link cable, make it hybrid with DP cable. No more problems with compression, sound and everything. You had it working already with Rift platform. Leave link as wireless only solution.
2. FOV. Make it at least 115-120 horizontally. 

Well I'm out of ideas now.



i7-8700, RTX 3080, 32Gb RAM, 2x1 TB NVME, Quest 2.


LOL - so just how many Mbps do you think the two displays on the Q2 really need here?


While the wireless AC connections have more than enough bandwidth to feed a Q2, (my router shows < 300Mbps feeding the Q2) those that wish to be tethered to the computers/GPU cards have the USBC port right there on the side. USB Type C connectors support 10 Gbps of data transfer through each of two data pin pairs. AND as a added bonus the Airlink cable can keep your Q2 charged up.


However I do agree on the FOV and also wish they bought back the IPD slider however won't be mindlessly "upgrading" Quest headsets for ether of those features or others. When the headset works, it works fine the way it is.


My issues is more with the software. Starting with the desktop - it thinks a i7-11700/32GB/RTX3070 "does not meet minimum VR requirements". Yea right. Then they make it difficult to navigate to content you actually OWN because they want to push their store in your face! The same goes with the headset itself. There are three destinations when I power it on, I ether wish to run a application/game I already have installed, fire up Airlink and run a Oculus PC application/game or fire up VD and navigate to my Steam games.


Outside of applications/games that are already installed and ready to run, maybe THEN I might want to look at games I own but have not installed yet. Finding these are more of a PITA then it needs to be. Finally, if I'm really not interested in using what I already have installed or in my purchased library THEN I might want to go shopping for new stuff.


Sadly ~4yrs ago I bought a half dozen games for my Rift. Only 2 out of the 6 will actually install and run. The other 4 can be counted as a waste of money at this point.