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Anker Quest 2 controller not docking properly

Level 2

I'm having an issue with the Anker charging dock for the right controller. No matter how many times i adjust the battery in the controller and the controller itself on the dock, the light continuously flashes amber. The metal strips on the batteries are all lined up and everything. I even switched the batteries between the controllers. The left one seems to charge just fine, but the right controller can never seem to charge properly.


Level 2

Same problem, but with the left controller. I tried rearranging the batteries and all the other tricks I could find on forums. I'm probably going to return mine since I just got it. Did you find any resolution?

Check the battery cover on the controller handle and make sure it's on properly and flush. Mine looked like it was very subtly raised in one spot, so I think I just didn't have it on correctly. I took it off and put it on more carefully making sure it was completely flush. I've had way less issues with it since.