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Annoying notification when i look up in my oculus Quest2

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Hi folks,


When i look up in my oculus Quest2, two notifications appears, it is very annoying especially when playing Climb2, since you always look up...


If I look down, then it disappear again.


  1. One notification is a purple square with a man silhouette inside, running out (like an "Exit" sign per say)
  2. The other notification is a red square with a small black clock inside.

Both notifications have numbers next to it, such as: 1/150 or 10/50, it always changes...

I have no idea what that is and it is extremely annoying... 

(I tried to take a picture but those notifications are not seen in the photo??)


Any ideas out there?


many thanks!




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How’d you fix that? I want it gone. 

Yes how did you fix it?

Level 2

How did you fix it?


I believe that you are seeing the Move overlay.  To turn off click on the Move application and then go to the settings and turn it off.  It can be set to off, top or bottom.