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Any audio settings for mirroring/recording?

Honored Guest

Hi, I'm struggling to get *right* audio quality for mirroring/recording from Quest 2. To be specific, audio in recorded footages suffer significant quality loss. Do we have any (maybe hidden in developer-only feature?) settings for mirroring/recording? Currently I'm recording with following setups:


a. Record from another PC using OBS and Chrome (using mirroring, ) - The audio has significantly low quality, added hiss and crackling. Example video:

b. Same setup as above, but using AirServer instead of Chrome - Exactly same behavior

c. Record directly from Quest 2 using built-in recording feature: The audio is REALLY loud, like +10db to all bands. At least reasonably louder than actual gameplay. Also sounds like low quality especially at higher frequencies (like drum hats). Example video:


it's suspicious that in-device recording already has loud audio, but who knows... Any help is appreciated!