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Anybody knows how to fix audio quality in SteamVR while using Oculus Link? (compressed sounds)

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Hey everyone,

When I play some of the SteamVR games via Oculus Link, some of the louder sounds feel "compressed" or distorted (gunshots/explosions/similar), as if they have low bitrate. Anybody else encountered this issue? I can hear this both while using Quest built-in speakers as well as nice quality headphones plugged into the Quest. There is no such issue when I play games from Quest / Oculus store - it seems it applies only to SteamVR games (I've tried Superhot, The Lab, Saints & Sinners).

When I connect the headphones to my PC directly, the sound is totally fine in SteamVR, yet when I switch back to Quest as the playback device, the problem is back. Tried to tweak the settings here and there (in the Oculus app, in the SteamVR settings, in the Windows settings) - nothing seem to help. Thinking of buying a wireless headset just for SteamVR games it there is no solution 😞

Any ideas on possible fix? Much appreciated!

 Not sure if what you are experiencing is what I'm experiencing and really have been since I got my Quest last spring. With the volume maxed out, it almost sounds like it's going through a guitar distortion box with loud sounds on certain apps. When at full volume I hear it in their horribly designed on board speakers as well as in headphones. In my case the solution was simple, just turn down the Quest volume one or two notches and the distortion goes away. I'm now using the Vive audio strap headphones and it's too loud at full volume anyway. 
 As a studio audio tech, I think the issue is just how it sounds, too much gain causing digital clipping. If turning the volume down on Quest doesn't give joy, maybe try lowering output from the PC. 
 Another option I was using a while back that totally eliminates quest audio issue was a USB Bluetooth receiver and headphones.    
 Edit: I don't think they should fire the genius that came up with the Quest/Rift-S audio scheme, but maybe a bit of mild waterboarding is in order....
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i bought my rift S back last year and the little speakers were quite loud and clear, i left it in its box for a couple of months and recently decided to get it out. It had several updates including firmware and now the sound is very bad, almost like they have limited it to 30% or something even though its shows ti at 100%