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App sharing problems

Level 2

I have an oculus quest two. I am the administrator and my wife has a secondary account. App sharing works just fine on the same device. We bought a second oculus so we could play together. App sharing will not work at all. On the second device if my wife is set up as the administrator she cannot access my games. The second oculus will not allow me to be the administrator on two headsets at the same time. I have submitted several helpdesk tickets and received no response after four days. Please advise


Level 2

We are having a similar issue. Got our 2 boys 2 oculus quest 2 for Christmas. I am the admin for both devices, and thought that if we had me as admin on both and purchased all apps through me, we could access them among the 4 of us on 2 headsets. I have googled this issue many ways and can’t find a solution. All it wants to tell me is how to share on 1 headset. Hoping someone replies and helps us both! 

Support responded to me. Basically they told me (and I am paraphrasing) you will have to buy the games 2 times, 1 for each headset, because we suck as a company 

I'm returning both headsets I just bought if that's the case.     Idiotic - Xbox doesn't make you buy a duplicate game for each controller.  I'll buy that instead.     

From what I understand, this is possible with 2 devices and 2 users, but a little complicated. Each of you has a Quest 2, and signed in as Admin on your respective device.  User 1 purchases game on device 1. User 2 signs in as secondary account on device 1, and has access to purchased apps on device 1.  User 1 signs into device 2 as secondary user, and has access to their purchased apps.  I have read this, but not confirmed yet.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Level 2

Thanks Defender,  I'll give your suggestion a try later.  

I don't have 2 setup now to try this, will be testing tomorrow. I thought only the primary/admin account on the device could share apps, and that a given user could only share apps on one device.


I am admin on our device. I had to exchange device last week, so I factory reset. I didn't disable sharing on it, and couldn't enable sharing on the device. Contacted support, was able to disable though app on phone. But, this let me know, I could only share apps on one device.

I verified this process last night, and it does work.  User 1(U1) is admin on device 1(D1). User 2(U2) is admin on device 2(D2). U1 purchases app on D1 and enables app sharing on D1. U2 logs in as secondary account on D1, and has access to apps in the library of D1. U1 logs in as secondary account on D2, and has access to U1 purchased apps, using it on D2.