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Arizona sunshine with oculus link stuttering

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Hello everyone, basically that, when I want to play arizona sunshine with oculus link and quest, it is impossible, there is a lot of stuttering, does it happen to anyone else? other games run well, for example alyx, robinson from journey. other games you notice a stutter in the hands, when moving them from left to right for example, help

There are some steps you can do in order to fix a stutter with occulus link and quest. Sometimes disenabling guardian does the trick. other users report, that this works only for a short period of time. another thing you could do is to open up the task manager and set the priority higher on the OVRserver. I cannot post any videos, however try typing in:
"OCULUS LINK - Low FPS and Stutters on some PCVR games ? EASY FIX !" into youtube. its a short explanation on how to do it.
Other tricks include disabling windows game mode or the SteamVR Super Sampling. Try to experiment a bit with that.

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the other thing I discovered is that playing on steam vr I don't have that problem. everything you mentioned I already tried and most of the games run from the oculus platform have that problem for me