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Audio mirroring with Link on Quest: what Oculus chatted to me.

Level 5
It simply DOES NOT WORK. And might never work. Confirmed by Oculus staff member.
Leave all hope.

Level 3
I think this is my first time posting in these forums-- I came here specifically looking for info regarding problems I've had with audio whilst streaming gameplay via Link.  This is the first post I stumbled upon without digging around the forums.  Am I right to understand that it is currently impossible to capture audio with OBS or through native FB streaming via Oculus Home?  I'm just looking for confirmation that the issue isn't on my end. 

Level 5
In the Oculus application as you can see you have two options "Listen to VR both headset and pc" and "Listen pc into headset". Well they just do not work, natively, as the app pretend to be.
For what you have to do there might be some workaround with 3rd party app. Search youtube.