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BEWARE: Apps like supernatural charging monthly subscription|pretending free apps| No Occulus Action

Honored Guest

I just got occulus on Black Friday and tested few apps that were available free with 'GET' buttons on occulus store. All other apps clearly mentioned their costs on app store. The app I tried to report is 'SUPERNATURAL' app that shows 'GET' button on occulus app store instead of subscribe with cost of subscription, and when it was installed and we just tested for few minutes and closed it, it deducted monthly subscription from my account. Totally unfair! I reported it to customer care immediately but no help since suscriptions are not refundable as per occulus policy but no CLIENT PROTECTION by Occulus team for such traps by SUPERNATURAL kind of applications and their developes teams! I strongly believe that this is intentional trick to trap users like me and charge subscription and unfair/misuse of subscription refund policy by Occulus. As per my advice, to protect users like me, apps like these should clearly state SUBSCRIBE on button with monthly costs clearly so people are aware to make informed decisions and know what they are installing. search supernatural app with other apps to compare difference how other apps clearly state their cost of purchase and supernatural just mentions GET and then on its own page small subscription component in a way people can easily oversee. See photo below it says GET but charge monthly subscription with no way to refund as per OCCULUS so called subscription policy. Consumers rights should be taken into consideration and Occulus team should protect users like us not the companies/developers. Screenshot 2021-12-02 004059.png