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Beat saber oculus quest delay

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Just curious if anyone else feels like the blocks are slightly ahead of the beat by default on the quest version? I started playing beat saber this week and I have a pretty good sense of rhythm as a musician, but there are times were I've been bang on beat, but a block still manages to fly past me. Also feels just a little like the blocks are reaching me ever so slightly sooner than they should be which messes with flow.

I use the quest built in speakers to play in case anyone is thinking I'm using bluetooth or something.

I know I can add a positive or negative delay via the settings, but was just curious if anybody else who plays the quest version experienced this by default?

Level 8

Fealow said:

 but there are times were I've been bang on beat, but a block still manages to fly past me. 

Yes and its not just the quest, the Rift S version does the same.  I'm not bad at playing BS and FC all except expert and Expert+. (not bad for a fatty).

I just put it down to light and tracking, or having an off day.  But have just played it today and it did it again and I was on form !

I am not a musician, can only create cat-a-wowal, but know a good sound when I hear it - lol.
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Level 2

Yes! I Had this problem since i bought the game. I Don't know how to fix it but Im starting to be an expert+ player and its very hard with this bug, hope they fix it soon.