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Best interior for tracking

Level 2

Hello community,


Working on a project which will be played by multiple players in one big room.


Is there any pattern that works best for Quest 2 tracking that we can put on our walls/floor? Will sensors work well with monochrome walls?


Are there any illumination requirements?


Thank you!


Level 9


could you put any pattern on the ceiling?


I have not seen precise requirements on patterns or lighting. But have read that there should be enough  lightning and not too much (no direct sun light).

Also new year tree blinking lights could mislead tracking. Mirrors and windows could lead to some issues.


Please see videos with tracking explanation on youtube. There you could see video from cameras and boxes around tracking points. So you could see their sizes and placement.

I think any repeating pattern could lead to some tracking errors, but I am not sure.


Also many devices in same room is not ordinary setup. Try to find info for that special case (when one device will see lights from controllers of other devices). There was an example of something like that on one of the oculus shows.